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Funmy Kemmy
Funmy Kemmy is a Blogger, Content Manager and Social Entrepreneur
Funmy Kemmy is a Blogger, Content Manager and Social Entrepreneur


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10 Ways to Prepare the Best Christmas Party
Have you already heard Jingle bells this year? If not, then you apparently will, as Christmas is around the corner. It is a time full of magic and festive spirit, thus there are many stunning ways of its celebrating that is why today we will muse a bit abou...

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Creative Handmade Invitations to the Party
No question that every single person in this world has got a huge number of special dates and important days during the year, which he or she wants to share with his/her friends or relatives. But what can help you make this special event really unique and u...

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How to wear your sexy dress in cold season without being frozen
There is no denying it now, the winter Christmas crazy party season is just around the corner…diaries will soon be booked up with nights out, office get-togethers, dinners, drinks…you name it…all needing a fabulous outfit to wow your peers with. BUT…that ag...

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5 Mind blowing Facts About Women's Fashion
Fashion for women can be a minefield
of dilemmas…what to buy, what colors to choose, what styles, how to keep your
clothes safe etc. There is so much information that it can be quite daunting.
But with this simple guide, you will be able to get the most out...

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#coverseason: "Diamonds" Rihanna covers four issues of Dazed Magazine and three issues of Vogue Paris
Rihanna is on the cover of four Dazed magazine.  This is her first cover for the magazine.  The 29-year-old singer also unveiled her three covers for December December 2017/January 2018 issue of Vogue Paris on Monday. This is to support her mega selling Fen...

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All Aboard - Singers, Musicians, and Shows
There are lots of things that are worthtrying in a life of every person. One of these incredible things you may have the courage to try is a voyage on a cruise ship. If you worry that you may be bored on a cruise ship, you have never been there, and you are...

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How Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Improve Your Appearance
Adding an extra hour each day reaps
enormous benefits for your appearance. A healthy person is more attractive than
someone who is not. Two aspects of being healthy are getting exercise and
eating correctly.  Exercise Those who get out of bed early can sque...

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Kate Middleton rocks faux bob (photos)
  Kate Middleton attended Remembrance Service on Sunday.  The event was held at The Cenotaph, Lo ndon, England to honor and remember veterans who served and died for Britain. The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge looked good as she flaunted her  faux bob.  She ...

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How to Overcome Career Slump -5 Ways
There's something to be said for getting into a groove at work and coming in each day knowing exactly what tasks you need to tackle and how you'll get them done. But there does come a point when too much routine on the job turns into a negative thing. If yo...

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The Evolution of Digital Comics
Technology has changed the world in many ways. Even the traditional comics that we loved to read now has a new face. Digital comics are now a thing. In fact, they have been around for some time, but they have just gotten more attention in recent years. They...
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