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A World Of Funky Music, All In One Place!
A World Of Funky Music, All In One Place!


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Shape Shifters: The Best Funk Instrumentals of 2017 — Eclectic, Funky Music From Around The World

Click to learn about the amazing musicians you'll listen to in the playlist there. Follow it, and listen to the Best Funk Instrumentals of 2017.

Hear awesome new Funk songs from Funk bands around the world.

Get pure #Funk, Ethio-Jazz Funk, funky #Afrobeat, Afro-Funk, #Latin Funk, funky Brazilian music, Soul-Jazz, and more...


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It’s so fun finding the Dub versions of my favorite #Reggae songs, or the original version of a favorite Dub Reggae classic. So, I put together this playlist to highlight some of my favorite Reggae songs that have a cool Dub version, whether obscure or well-known.
Click to hear it & learn a little about these great Reggae artists...

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Ready to travel the world via breathtaking beats and rousing rhythms?

Take this trip and discover marvelous music from brilliant bands hailing from Brazil, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, France, London, Israel, and more. The theme of the journey is the discovery of eclectic grooves, and the enjoyment of a mind-blowing musical adventure.
Click to hear some of the most fascinating music from 2017, 2016, and the past few years, and learn about the amazing artists that make this #music.

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Listen to the new album by Courtney John. Courtney John is blessed with the finest voice in Jamaican music nowadays. Add to that the impressive band with whom he made Ecosystem, and you have the formula for a timeless #Reggae record.
His 2017 record, Ecosystem, is an amazing album for its lyricism, unmatched vocals, and marvelous musicianship. It will definitely be one of the best albums of 2017 (in any genre), and is an instant modern Reggae music classic.
Read my 5-star review at

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Click and listen to the Spotify playlist there to get turned on to the best current #Reggae music, as well as some old-school Reggae favorites. Read & learn about these amazing musicians.

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Click to hear one of the best albums of 2017 (and probably the best #Reggae record of the year).

SOUL SUGAR's Chase The Light (Excursions in Soul, Reggae, Funk, and Dub) on Gee Recordings blends Roots Reggae with Soul music, #Funk, #Jazz, and breathtaking #Dub songs in the most sublime way...

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Zaire 74: The African Performers on Wrasse Records captures a unique moment in African music, offering fans the first listen of complete, remixed and mastered sets by Franco and O.K Jazz, Tabu Ley Rochereau and Afrisa, Abeti Masikini with Abumba Masikini and Band, Orchestre Stukas, Miriam Makeba, and Pembe Dance Troupe.

These historic recordings were made at one of the most extraordinary, but tragically overlooked, events in African music history. Zaire 74 was remarkable because it was the first African festival of its kind, with leading African artists of the day appearing alongside James Brown and other major African-American stars.

As the world waited for the infamous Rumble in the Jungle match up between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, trumpeter Hugh Masekela and producer Stewart Levine had a idea: To put on a three-day music festival uniting top African-American and African performers in a stadium in Kinshasa.

They called it Zaire 74.

The festival and the recordings that came out of it became the stuff of legend, as James Brown, Bill Withers, BB King, The Fania All Stars & Celia Cruz (and more) shared the stage with African stars. Yet the African musicians’ beautifully recorded sets were never released…until now.

The sets by Franco & O.K Jazz, and Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa are phenomenal! After listening to it, I decided to take another look at the astonishing music documentaries by unparalleled music documentary director, Leon Gast. So, bookmark this page and prepare to spend a few hours coming back to watch all these amazing documentaries.

Click to listen and learn the story behind its release...

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Gotta get that #Funk up in your life?

Click and listen to the best Funk songs of 2017...

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Check out a rip-roaring live cut from Old School Funky Family​ from their awesome album, Ping Pong, which produced some of my favorite instrumental Funk songs of 2017...

And if you're in Paris on June 14, check out their release party at the Zebre de Belleville...

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Check out PHO, the Minneapolis Funk band, who is one of the hottest rising stars on the modern Funk music scene. Even Prince thought so. Click to learn more about them.
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