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Funders and Founders
Makes infographics about startup entrepreneurship and runs a community of investors and founders
Makes infographics about startup entrepreneurship and runs a community of investors and founders

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Bill gates may become world's first trillionaire, but he started with a hobby

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Wondering if Snapchat is the next big thing? Learn about how it started.

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32 startup metrics that investors look for

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How Elon Musk started - as an immigrant

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There are many ways to fail a startup.
Here is how most people do it.

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Some of the worst odds in business are in cars and rockets. Elon Musk is succeeding at both - in this graphic we show how he really started

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Every day you read the news ...what does your mind look like after years of reading?

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18 Startup Mistakes Everyone Should Know About.
Which ones did you avoid?

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Why: having the skill to create infographics will help you:

1. make your work visual so your colleagues appreciate it more
2. market your products and services
3. produce visual reports on anything
4. drive traffic to your blog
5. create a visual resume and get noticed

If you hire a designer to create an infogrpahic, you will pay from $1,000 to $12,000 per graphic.
If you learn how to create graphics for the rest of your life, it's only $299.

How: learn how to use the software (Photoshop and Illustrator), see how to go from creative brief to story board and mood board, to final infographic, learn how to think visually so you work faster

Who: designers, developers, enthusiasts, and anyone who needs to communicate more effectively. Prior experience with the Adobe Suite is recommended but no problem if you don't have it.

You will learn:
- Principles of visual storytelling: how to pick a visual analogy, how to create a storyboard, how to create a layout
- Designing graphs, charts, and visual structures
Icon design
- Designing illustrations
- How to find and analyze data, and tailor it to your audience
- How to work faster in Illustrator (clowning, pathfinder, expansion, etc.)

February 21, 7:45 am, 404 Bryant Street
San Francisco, California
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It's never too late to learn anything 
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