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Works at Finally had enough of the constant degradation of every feature that once made G+ awesome. I'm outta here, for a while at least.
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Fulvio Gerardi

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A little more intricate than any beach-digging I ever did when I was young. ;)
Amazing sand sculpture of the Stargate. 
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Where's the DHD?
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Doge in Space!

This is a pic taken by one of the astronauts on the space station for the Dogecoin community on Reddit. Stay tuned for the first financial transactions to/from space in history, coming soon to a cryptocurrency near you!

PS: I wonder if +Robert Scoble has given away the two million dogecoins he was given the other day?
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Fulvio Gerardi

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This has to be a better ending for a good book than mouldering on a dusty shelf, surely?
Book sculpture by VMCreations
«Three-dimensional figure of Smaug made from the pages of a Danish copy of The Hobbit.»
#Book #Sculpture #Dragon
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Fulvio Gerardi

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Hate, hate, HATE the new Failbook-timeline-wannabee BS layout! And I do NOT want full-page pics eating up my bandwidth THAT I PAY FOR, especially at the cost of actual TEXT which is what I'm here to READ in the first place. WHY are Google so intent on destroying G+ piece by piece?????
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I have more important things to deal with than a GUI that I've only used a day or so. Like Monsanto taking over the food supply. 
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Fulvio Gerardi

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2000 $1 Victoria Cross pulled from circulation.
Why anyone would spend a $300 coin is completely beyond me, but it seems to happen an awful lot. :(
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Fulvio Gerardi

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Oh, sooooo true! :(
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It's what they mean when they talk about "trickle down economics."
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I'm not really back, as such (G+ looks to have gone downhill even more since I stopped using it, sadly), but when I saw that +Robert Scoble was tipped 2 million #Dogecoin   to hand out to his followers on Twitter, I just had to drop in and see if what, if anything, he's going to do with them.

As of 9 hours ago, the mystery donor has handed out over 46 million coins, with no sign of slowing down:

Jimmy Fallon - 15.5 million ($6,773)
Ashton Kutcher - 15 million ($6,555)
Alexis Ohanian - 3 million ($1,311)
Jason Calacanis - 3 million ($1,311)
Nick Bilton - 2 million ($874)
Alexia Tsotsis - 2 million ($874)
Robert Scoble 2 million ($874)
Ev Williams - 2 million ($874)
Gabe Rivera - 2 million ($874)

Maybe he should have included +Max Huijgen in that list... someone who would definitely put them to good use! :) I'm not at all sure the top two would even have any idea what these coins are, let alone care about their followers.
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+Robert Scoble just dug up the tweet for you, as you seem to have missed it. Also the Reddit thread is at

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 Hood ‏@savethemhood 22h
savethemhood:@tipdoge tip @scobleizer 2000000 doge - I ask that you give to your followers in need. Those that can’t afford housing or food
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Fulvio Gerardi

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No words necessary. RIP.
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Fulvio Gerardi

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I'm wondering if anyone here collects Australian coins? I'm into decimal errors, and a member of a couple of forums, but the overwhelming US focus is daunting. :(
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Fulvio Gerardi

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2004 5¢ burnt and sandblasted. Why DO people do this to coins anyway? Not too distressing when its a junker, but I've seen valuable rarities destroyed like this. :(
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  • Finally had enough of the constant degradation of every feature that once made G+ awesome. I'm outta here, for a while at least.
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