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Coming soon: a new experience from Fullscreen.

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Fullscreen is a new experience coming soon, featuring original shows, exclusive movies, and much more—available on your favorite screens, all the time.
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Dear, FullScreen I need you to activate my network Would you be so kind to do so.
"I would like to leave fullscreen due to my actively making of videos and promoting a different network on my channel. My channel is now solely based on promoting this other network and discussing how other networks (specifically Fullscreen Inc) are scams to take a portion of channels profits for doing nothing productive. This may and most likely will shed some bad light on Fullscreen Inc as most of the videos will be based on all of the short comings of the network.

I will continue making videos and reaching out on other social media platforms detailing the down sides of the Fullscreen network until I am released from my contract with Fullscreen Inc.

All content created about Fullscreen Inc will be accurate and true, along with my unbiased, honest opinions of the Fullscreen network."
I'm Alin and i want to make partnership with you. I make a account at you.
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