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International Flight Operations Intelligence, Support and Service through a network of Flight Service Stations.
International Flight Operations Intelligence, Support and Service through a network of Flight Service Stations.

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B767 shot on approach to Rio

Details still emerging: this page will be updated. At Flight Service Bureau we rarely report on individual aircraft incidents, because the impact to other operators in International Flight Operations  is very minimal.  This case is different. We received…

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Australia ADS-B requirements: 2017 onwards

Last year Australia switched off most of its navaids, meaning that RNP became a requirement. This year, they’re asking all aircraft flying in Australian airspace to be ADS-B equipped after February 2nd, 2017. ADS-B means that controllers can use your…

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Just around New Years, a story started growing legs about Bogus CPDLC messages from Shanwick and Gander. In the most worrying version of events, the G550 crew received a “Descend at Max Rate” type message on CPDLC, and when they checked on voice with ATC…

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Sorry, you gotta go to Seletar: Ops to Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport has been named the best airport in the world by Skytrax for the past four years running. It already has a butterfly garden, free 24-hour cinema, rooftop swimming pool and spa, but soon it’s going to become even more awesome – work…

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The Hidden Costs of Operating to China

China has always been challenging to operate to. Handling rates are prohibitively expensive, half the country’s airways are closed to foreign operators, and slots and parking at the major airports can often be impossible to obtain. But often the most…

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New Dangerous Goods regulations from Jan 1st

You can view the full list of changes here, but this list might be a little handier. From Jan 1st, the new edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (Edition 58) will be applicable. Replacing the existing lithium battery handling label with a new…

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International Bulletin: France -ATC Reroutes, FAA updates weather guidance

France – ATC Reroutes 17NOV France is switching from old paper trips to new fancy electronic ones, and there will be reroutes from today onwards … Read the article. FAA updates weather guidance 17NOV One of the most comprehensive weather resource docs out…

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Reroutes over France ... not because of an ATC strike, this time

You’ll see lots of new acronyms being bandied about, like ERATO, EEE, a new DSNA ATM system in LFBB in accordance with SESAR … but in simple terms (our favourite words): France is changing from using paper strips to electronic strips for separating…

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International Bulletin: Winter is Coming, Updated Canada Requirements

Winter is coming 09NOV With the clocks changing, it’s a reminder that we’re not far away from the snowstorms, deicing delays, cancelled flights, airport shutdowns, and those big invoices for de-icing fluid. Our new author Frank Young has an article.…

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Flying to Canada with a criminal record

The NBAA has posted useful updated information on flying to Canada with previous convictions, which may affect your passengers, or crew. Canada is known for refusing entry to the country if you have a DUI charge on your record. Here are the highlights: If…
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