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Fruiσтα Hirσѕнi (Fʀυιτγ)
I'm just an iota of fruit (hence the name Fruiota).
I'm just an iota of fruit (hence the name Fruiota).

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I wonder if anybody will be able to get all of them right.

+Satoshi Mashiro

1. First impression: Oh

2. How we met: DB community

3. Your nickname in my head: Frieza

4. Closeness rating (from 1-10): 5ish

5. Favorite memory: the Baby Frieza account

6. Do I like you: Yes

7. You are my: Bastard God

8. To be honest: Your sense of humor is dark, but I like it.

9. Should you post this too: If you desire.

10. Favorite thing about you: You're funny af

+Mew2King's Marth

1. First impression: Kid who needs educated on DB

2. How we met: DB community

3. Your nickname in my head: Blade

4. Closeness rating (from 1-10): 8

5. Favorite memory: There are many.

6. Do I like you: Yes

7. You are my: closest friend on this website.

8. To be honest: You're a human.

9. Should you post this too: If you want.

10. Favorite thing about you: Who knows?

+Blademaster Ryutaro

1. First impression: Memes, memes, and more memes

2. How we met: Either through +Satoshi Mashiro or in the DB community

3. Your nickname in my head: Ryu

4. Closeness rating (from 1-10): 6

5. Favorite memory: Extra thicc

6. Do I like you: Yes

7. You are my: Current source of memes

8. To be honest: You're too obsessed with resharing stuff. At least steal the memes instead, like any sane memelord would do. Gosh.

9. Should you post this too: Do it if you want.

10. Favorite thing about you: You and I have a similar sense of humor.


1. First impression: some girl in the DB community who was active

2. How we met: DB community

3. Your nickname in my head: Fervans, even though ik your real name and it's easier to remember lol

4. Closeness rating (from 1-10): used to be closer, but probably around 5 now

5. Favorite memory: When you backed me up last year (she knows what I mean). That was awesome of you.

6. Do I like you: Let's just say you're in my circles for a reason.

7. You are my: Friend

8. To be honest: You're absolutely nuts. Not in a bad way, but you're crazy.

9. Should you post this too: Go for it.

10. Favorite thing about you: Your sense of humor

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Your G+ History!
(Nominated by +Satoshi Mashiro)

When did you join G+?:
Fall 2012, but I wasn't really active. I started actually becoming active around February or March of 2013, when I joined the OG Dragon Ball Z community.

Have you done a face reveal?:
On G+, once or twice, but if I remember correctly, they're either private or deleted at this point. My profile pic is my eye, though.

First Username?:
Will Lawson

What does your current username mean?:
It's the name of my OC from my fan fiction. It's a mix of the words "fruit" and "iota" (just combine the two, see what you get). "Hiroshi" is just a random last name that I think works with it.

Would you change your username?:
Probably not. I find consistency to be useful.

What do people call you here?:
I've been called Will, Frui, Fru, Fruit, Fruity, and Hiroshi, among other names.

Are you a poster or liker?:
I used to post a lot, but I got bored of that, so I mostly just interact with other people's posts.

First follower you can remember?:
It was probably back in the early days of the Dragon Ball Z community. Maybe Youssef or Ace? Idk.

First person you followed that you can remember?:
Again, probably Youssef or Ace.

First friend?:
Danny, I guess.

Closest G+ friend(s):
+Mew2King's Marth
+Blademaster Ryutaro
+Satoshi Mashiro
+Aud Ball
(They're also probably the only people in my circles I still talk to regularly tbh)

Have you had a relationship over G+ before?:

Do you have one currently?:

Do you have a crush VIA G+?:
At one point, I kind of did, but that died pretty quickly. I've also been accused of having a crush on someone else, but that wasn't true.

Someone from here you don't talk with anymore:
Around 90% of the people who have ever been in my circles. Some of them left G+ for their own reasons, some showed their true colors coughYoussefandDannycough, some went their own way, and some...I don't even know.

Who's changed you the most here?:
There have been plenty of people who have changed me, including (but not limited to) Youssef, Danny, +Mew2King's Marth, Wade, +Fervans, and the Bastard God, +Satoshi Mashiro.

If you left G+ and you could only stay in contact with ONE person here, who?:
+Mew2King's Marth is the first person to come to mind.

Do you hate anyone here?:
There are some people who I have beef with or have had beef with in the past, but I wouldn't say I hate anyone. I hate some of the things they do, though.

Do you miss anyone here?:
I used to, but I got over it. Honestly, it's better having friends IRL than on here.

Do you love anyone here?:
Romance? None.
Friendship? The aforementioned people.

Would you ever abandon G+?:
The world may never know.

Tag, you're it!
+Mew2King's Marth
+Aud Ball
+Blademaster Ryutaro

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Holy shit, they literally just raised $11,000 for charity in only 5 minutes.

Some of you know I have a bunch of Yugioh decks, 16 to be exact. This includes two Yugi decks (one of which has Slifer) and two Kaiba decks (one of which has Obelisk). The weirdest thing just happened.

So I decided to do a tournament between my decks. I put each deck face-down in a completely random order, assigning each a number 1-16, then using a randomizer to figure out what the first round would be like. Each Yugi deck ended up against a Kaiba deck. More specifically, the decks with Egyptian Gods ended up against each other in the fourth match, and the other two decks are in the other two are in the eighth match. I'm already pretty impressed by the odds.

So I go through matches normally, with a standard "best two out of three" rule going. I get to the first Yugi vs. Kaiba match. During the first two Duels, the Yugi deck drew Slifer by random chance but never got to use it. After the second match, they were tied. Nothing too special about that. The third Duel, though...omfg.

Not even joking, the Yugi deck started out with Slifer in its hand, and the Kaiba deck had Obelisk in its starting hand. Within 3 turns, both were Summoned on to the field (first Obelisk, then Slifer), with neither deck being able to prevent it. Slifer happened to have exactly 4000 ATK due to the Yugi deck having 4 cards left in its hand. On the Kaiba deck's turn, it decided that the best course of action was to trade a god for a god, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and the Yugi deck won in the end.

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