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We are Back \o/ !!!

As you may have noticed, and other websites are down since some days now. It's due to an hardware failure on our main server. Unfortunately, it can not be repaired. We've ordered new hardware and all websites should be online next week.

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pyFPM needs testers !

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Gnome 3.14.1 for testing

Hi devs,

Gnome 3.14.1 is ready for testing.

The major changes are the new versions of glib2 ,gtk+, gnome-shell, cairo ... .

I merge in the current after the #Frugalware release 2.0.

And thank to Pingax for this help. :D

The instruction :

Add this to /etc/pacman-g2.conf, ensuring it is before current.

Include = /etc/pacman-g2/repos/gnometesting

Add this to /etc/pacman-g2/repos/gnometesting:


Replace @CARCH@ with your appropriate architecture.

Now: pacman-g2 -Syu

For problem with depends, use pacman-g2 -syuf and write me a message with the package which poses a problem.

And reboot.

Thanks for testing

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Since today, our new website is online ! A great thanks to PacMiam, who has entirely redesigned the website and improved the code !

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Frugalware 1.9 is finally here !

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Frugalware 1.9rc1 is out !

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