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Can I just say that I fucking HATE Wordpress?
Trying to convert someone's bespoke HTML 5 site has been a nightmare.

i have a friend selling 3 tickets for Caravan Palace playing at Metropolis, Montreal, QC on Thu, Jun 29 2017 - 8:30 PM. She's just selling them for what she paid ($144 for all three I think). hit me up if you know someone who is interested.

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The needlessly complicated rules to improve attributes and skills. Undoubtedly this will be simplified at some point.

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Hello Hello,

I am opening for art commissions and fundraising for Habitat for Humanity! All proceeds from commissions will be going to fund my stay in Cambodia as a Habitat volunteer assisting in home building for low income communities.

Please hit me up for an art commission!

My Habitat for Humanity fundraising page: (real name is Cathy, yes!) Please make any donation or payment directly to this page.


WTF - I turn off notifications for MBQ and now the community doesn't show up for me?

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+Gus L​​ I am thinking of putting your most recent one-page on that big island in the lake that looks totally like Mono lake but isnt. I mean, there are bauxite flats to the west for at least a week's journey

+Ronnie Whelan Your comments are disabled on your question re: AD&D, but I think the link between the Giants and the Descent series is fairly tenuous and you can just use another hook to get your group into the Underdark. I think the "official" sequel for those modules was Q1, but it sounds like you have your own plan for Lloth (or Lolth, whichever one is appropriate for your setting).
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