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Getting a honeybee colony out of a building usually involves exposing the combs and all the bees.

All combs, the queen, and as many bees are removed as possible.

Being able to gather the colony often means some deconstruction.

In this church, doing it from the interior by removing drywall was the best option.

Watch, as Ryan takes you through the removal process.

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For answers regarding squirrel damage repair and squirrel removal in the Akron, Canton, and Kent area, this post is a good start.

Pest squirrels are sometimes difficult to deal with. Frontline animal Removal removes the pest squirrels and makes great repairs which is very important.

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Figuring out an animal removal problem requires investigation. Where are the animals getting in? What animal is the issue? Etc.
Ryan shows how examining dust/dirt in soffit panels and other places helps paint a complete picture of an animal removal problem.

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In this video, Ryan shows how to raccoon proof an attic vent and how to trap a raccoon using an attic vent.

Constructing vents and traps with wire gives Ryan an advantage in dealing with attic raccoons. It is a very useful skill to have.

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Rounding up baby raccoons in an attic is not for the faint of heart.

Crawling on the rafters is tricky. Insulation is never fun. The babies get tougher to control and coral the older they get.

Then, there's the momma raccoon who has to be monitored and respected as you go into her territory and mess with her babies.

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Most times a well baited trap in travel path entices a raccoon easily.

But, there are those raccoons that can't be tempted. For one reason or another, some raccoons pass up the trap.

When that happens, it calls for a change of tactics with a little more work involved.

Here, Ryan puts a double door trap right at the entrance. Going in or going out, the raccoon can't ignore the trap and walks through it.

The easier option usually works, but when it doesn't it's still not a problem.

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When baby raccoons are big enough to get out of the attic or walls they are living in, the mother raccoon can lure them out.

Catching the mother, Ryan left her in the trap and placed other traps around her. Wanting to get close to feed, the babies came to her and got into the other traps.

In this way, rounding up the family of juveniles is accomplished without much difficulty.

Just another method to use.

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Clogged gutters hold water. Water is heavy. Over time, the gutters pull away from the house. Fascia boards get damaged by water. Gaps into the rafters begin to appear. Squirrels take advantage.

These steps indicate how a gutter issue turns into a squirrel issue over time. Ryan shows that in this video.

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Locating a bat entry point is not too difficult if you know what to look for.

Here, Ryan shows a classic bat entry

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This red squirrel entry was very difficult to diagnose.

Seeming like there was no place for an animal to get in, Ryan eventually made it up to the chimney crown and found damage that allowed entry to red squirrels.

Once in, they climbed down low and were active in a porch roof.
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