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From a Bare Hull
Building A Sailboat. A Westsail 42, Hull #60
Building A Sailboat. A Westsail 42, Hull #60

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V-Berth In, Final Power Distribution, Forward Head
Some long overdue updates... V-Berth is IN! Though there are some remaining trim bits left to do when the adjacent head compartment nears completion. The design is and "over-under" bunk layout. Strips of African mahogany clad the hull sides. The "door" on t...

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Slackin' and V-Berth Update
Wow, I have really been slackin' on posting blog updates. I will make a concerted effort here to catch up on the various paralell projects in the next few posts. The v-berth, aka "the garage" is mostly trimmed in. As per the last post, we decided to clad th...

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November Update
With the cold wet weather upon us, focus shifts back to the interior. This time starting with the v-berth and forward head. The V-berth is being planned as more of a "garage" for storage of stuff (sails, fenders, etc.). Stuff that could be wet and dirty. Wi...

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Hull/Deck Joint Glassed, Too Late for Paint, Forward Head
Well, it looks like we missed our weather window for hull paint. Temperatures are too cold. Not a big deal as it seemed most of the summer was a bit humid anyway (not rainy, but a bit sticky). Oh well, with the semi-permanent scaffolds and new stairs built ...

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Prepping for Paint: Various Tasks
The big task this summer will be hull paint, if everything goes smoothly and weather cooperates. Numerous tasks for preparation: Sacrificial Coat of Paint for the Deck The original cracking gelcoat nonskid has been stripped off. This leaves the underlying l...

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Deck Grinding, Repair, and Prep for Hull Paint
The thick old waffle pattern non-skid that was molded into the original gelcoat from the factory, has all been ground off. The vacuum attachment of the PaintShaver Pro tool, that was used for the grinding, collected %99 of the material. When emptying the sh...

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Goodbye Nonskid
Finished grinding off the thick "waffle pattern" nonskid from the deck. Much of the delamination on the cabin top has been repaired. There are a few silver dollar size spots but I am not sure it is worth the work to fill those. But with the non skid now str...

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Delamination Repair Recipe
Ingredients and Utensils epoxy with slow catalyst plastic mix cups mixing sticks syringes plenty of rags cheap masking tape cordless drill with bit slightly bigger than syringe tip torpedo level small ballpeen hammer black sharpie Take the hammer and tap th...

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No foolin. Stripping away the thick gelcoat non-skid from the top of the cabin trunk has revealed large spots of delamination. Delamination is something no (fiberglass) boat owner wants to discover. It is a condition where the fiberglass laminate has separa...

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Last of the LED lighting...
I know, I keep talking about LED lighting (seems lots of boaters are doing LED light projects these days!). But this is the last string of "planned" LED lighting. Recall a string was installed in the aft bilge/steering compartment here: http://www.westsail4...
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