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Software Developer & Founder in NYC
Software Developer & Founder in NYC
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High Speed Trading and Banksters are D-bags

When the floor wasn’t digital, the markup was much worse. So now things are fast and cheap.

I measure millisecond transactions over networks, so speed is important to me, but I’m not confused about why speed is bad in this case. In almost every activity machines are supposed to provide a service, to somehow help to better human existence in some way. Computers are in inherently slow, which is why I have spent literally years over a life time waiting for them to do what ever the result should be, so faster is better, right?

HFT is not the next step in computer tech and speed. We know computers can run numbers fast. They are calculators, they could do this better than humans since the 50s. This a not a demonstration of advances in brut force bleeding edge computer power. These aren’t quantum computer, they aren’t super cooled, they aren’t even super computers. The computer receives no instruction from outside. It just runs a program. HFT does not facilitate faster trades for us, the computers are just inserting additional noise into the system. The computer is simply by nature running a program within a few hundred meters of the stock floor. These are not wanted transactions. They can’t be, or they would be too slow to beat out the existing wanted transaction. They are simply transactions to gain teens on someone else’s existing trade. The program consists of a very simple instruction.

Input: A transaction is 3 milliseconds from executing at price x.
Output: Enter a transaction in 1 millisecond at price x + 1/6.

People don’t care for the speed here, because it represents a computer using its inherently ultra precise nature to game you, the human. Imagine if police insisted all cars be equipped with a speed tracker so as soon as you go one mile over the speed limit you get a ticket. Why don’t you like this? It would bring about safer streets, less smog, less street noise… It demonstrates a computers speed and it’s precise nature, and implementation would be cutting edge. Why are you not impressed? You don’t like it because it’s a machine being used by an institution to profit off of the fact that you exist, and you are not a machine. It’s an unfair advantage. Ever play poll with a robot? It’s fun for about 1 minute. Then you realize you don’t stand an F-ing chance. You are  a pathetic, imperfect, slow, inaccurate, messy, dumb human. Not you personally, me too, everyone in fact.

That’s why speed, in this case, sucks.

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Where's Waldo: Frog Addition
Comment when you find the frog!

(I took this on my back walkway. Yes it's real.)

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The problem with technology: So I was really excited about this album and sent my buddy a youtube link, Capital Cities - Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. André 3000 and narrated by Frank Tavares (of NPR) so he could like it and buy the album as I did, but there was an interruption. Apparently, labels BMG, UMG, and Sony don't like the behavior that leads up to an individual making a decision to buy an album. So he couldn't hear the song, which was published on the band's own youtube stream. 

Stop protecting the music and start selling it!

#capitalcities   #recordlabels   #DRM   #piracy  

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YouTube Easter-Egg: Play a song in album play mode. Start typing a thoughtful comment. Finish your thought just as the song comes to an end. YouTube will then delete your typed draft comment, and redirect your browser window to the next song. (Oh and the back button won't bring it back the draft because comments are loaded via AJAX. They thought of everything...) Awesome work guys! Yea YouTube team!!

This further explains why grammar, spelling, and punctuation have and should continue to be nonexistant in youtube comments.

#youtubesucks   #youtubecomments  

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Best parody EVER!

The Prodigy - Firestarter - without the music

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Dweezil Zappa singing "stairway" just made my evening
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