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I Am More Than An Option
I am not just a fish you catched through a net among others.  I am not a contestant in The Bachelor fighting for your attention not to get eliminated.  I am not playing on a basketball court as a reserve.  I am not an option in a multiple choice question in...

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I Lost Myself Trying To Chase For Love
Love. It's waking up being greeted by "goodmorning". It's late night talks til 5am. It's being open with your flaws. It's the "I miss you's" every once in a while. It's the messages of "be safe" whenever you go out. It's the feeling of warm hugs and min...

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Taste Cebu in Delectable Dishes at Hukad Philippines
          Last January 20, 2019, we celebrated an iconic and classic festival in Cebu. Pit Senyor, Sinulog, a joyous occasion filled with a vibrant parade, local booths, parties, large crowd and lastly a big F E A S T.   With the festivities in Sinulog past...

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I can't breathe properly whenever we fight
    Conflict is a common human interaction.  It's an inevitable experience that most encounter in their life duration.  According to Merriam Webster Dictionary,  the word conflict means a strong disagreement between two individuals or groups. This explanati...

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Kaye G Naturelle Lip Tint Review and Swatches | Affordable Local Lip Tints?
It's been a while since I reviewed a makeup product, so why not start again with something affordable, local and trending, right? We'll focus on Kaye G Naturelle Lip & Cheek Tints  today. First and foremost, Kaye G Naturelle is owned by Kaye Gomez, a Filipi...

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Belle De Jour 2019 Launch Weekend Event - A Fun-filled Experience
   Last October 20 - 21,2018, Belle De Jour launched their 2019 collection in a magic-filled weekend event. I expected a lot beforehand since they have been teasing everyone about the activities the attendees will experience throughout the weekend. In addit...

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Betsubara MNL: This Might Be Your New Favorite Cheesecake!
Don't you just love the soft and airy feeling that bursts into your mouth when you bite into a delightful piece of cheesecake? Well, if you don't, then get off my page.  Just kidding. Just give me 5 minutes of your time and I'll tell you why this cheesecake...

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My Top 5 Picks On Belle De Jour 2019 Collection
 2019 is fast approaching and before we know it, it's a whole new year already. The good thing is, fortunately, most of us know how to prepare for new goals and experiences for the upcoming year. How?   Simple, get your planners, jot down your resolutions a...

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My Best Christmas Gift Ideas
It's a very strange thing - time. It's the change that we don't expect the most, flies fast in our good times and drags ever so slowly whenever we're down. And even though it's like this, a lot still values this the most. And yet it's funny how it goes, the...

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Some By Mi Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream Review
It's not a secret that almost everyone of us is hell bent on finding the perfect skincare to fit our needs. There are a lot of steps in Korea skincare and one of them is toning up your skin. Now, just a quick information, a tone up cream is used to brighten...
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