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Nisat Electric contributed to CBS News story about whole house surge protection.

Installing basic whole house surge protection not only adds a valuable element to protecting your home from fire, it also protects expensive electronics throughout your home. Adding this device to your electrical service panel will reduce harmful surges before they reach your sensitive appliances and electronic equipment.

Before you hire someone to complete electrical work in your home, please take a few minutes to review testimonials from Nisat Electric customers and electrician licensing regulations as well as Nisat Electric's licensure in the State of Texas.

Call Nisat Electric at (214) 809-9977 to discuss your electrical service needs!

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Disaster Averted! A potentially dangerous fire caused by a faulty electrical meter base at a gas station in McKinney was prevented by quick and decisive action.

Having experienced electrical problems, the gas station owner contacted Oncor who performed an onsite inspection.  Oncor quickly determined the problems were caused by a faulty electrical meter base which posed a significant safety threat.  Oncor immediately terminated all electrical service to the gas station.  Nisat Electric's Master Electrician was hired to replace the faulty electrical meter base and bring the facility's electrical service up to code as required by Oncor prior to restoration of electrical service to the property.

The meter base and service panel are the heart of any electrical system and proper inspection and maintenance is imperative.  According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), electrical service panels should be inspected regularly by a professional home inspector or Licensed, Master Electrician.  Common defects include:

- Insufficient clearance. According to the 2008 National Electrical Code, most residential electrical panels require at least a 3-foot clearance or working space in front, 30 inches of width, and a minimum headroom clearance of 6 feet, or the height of the equipment, whichever is greater.
- Aluminum branch wiring.
- Sharp-tipped panel box screws or wires damaged by these screws. - Panel box cover screws must have blunt ends so they do not pierce the wires inside the box. Look for wires that pass too closely to the screw openings inside the electrical panel.
- Circuit breakers that are not properly sized.
- Oxidation or corrosion to any of the parts. Oxidized or corroded wires will increase the resistance of conductors and create the potential for arcing.
- Damage caused by rodents. Rodents have been known to chew through wire insulation in electrical panels (and other areas), creating an unsafe condition. Rodents have been electrocuted this way, leaving an unsightly mess inside the panel.
- Evidence of electrical failures, such as burned or overheated components.
- Evidence of water entry inside the electrical panel. Moisture can corrode circuit breakers so that they won't trip, make connections less reliable, and make the equipment unsafe to touch.
- Evidence of missing or improper bonding.  This may indicate improper wiring, damaged equipment or unsafe conditions.
- The physical contact points of the overcurrent protection device to the contact point of the buss are not making good contact. The sounds of arcing (a cracking or popping sound) may indicate this condition.
- Panels manufactured by Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric (FPE). These panels have a reputation for being problematic and further evaluation by a qualified electrician is recommended. Zinsco panels can generally be identified by a blue and silver "Zinsco" label inside the panel, and an embossed "Magnetrip" label at the top of the panel face. FPE panels should include, if they were not removed, one of the following identifying labels:

        Federal Electric
        Federal Pacific Electric
        Federal NOARC
        Federal Pioneer

For additional information about electrical meter bases and service panels, please visit our website at (
Disaster Averted! Gas Station Meter Base
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Electrical Floor Outlets? Yes, please!

Installing an electrical outlet, or floor box, in your floor can provide many advantages.  As with any type of outlet, floor outlets are intended to allow easy access to electrical current.  The best time to install a floor outlet is during original construction or remodeling.  However, a qualified electrician can install a floor outlet in most any preexisting structure.

Nisat Electric recently installed this floor outlet in the second floor game room of a home in McKinney, Texas. Visit our website for additional information about floor outlets and how we can help you achieve your electrical service needs!
Install Floor Outlet in Frisco, TX
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Frisco Electrician: Nisat Electric Projects

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