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The FRINGE tradition of a mind-bending 19th episode continues as the story jumps ahead to 2036! Watch a preview now!
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Fringe grows exponentially. AWESOME
19th episode? They keep saying this is the 4th season. How can this be only the 19th episode? They need to keep bringing Fringe for MORE than one more season. Anyone say Amen!?

(oh, and I think the back to the future jump is TOTALLY AWESOME!)
+Linda Nissen it is the 19th episode of the 4th season :-)
Wow, I thought like 5 seasons was something like 100 episodes... Oh well, 4 or 5, it's never enough episodes when it's an AWESOME show like FRINGE :~) HG!
Just watched it now and it's incredibly awesome. Just freaking out while watching!
Yeah I freaked out when they show William Bell trapped in amber!!!! I thought he was dead!!!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!
+John Economou, even if this is supposed to be the 19th episode of season 4 only, I still can't believe it. I can't believe there's been 19 episodes on this whole season. Not just with Fringe, but with any of my shows. It seems none of my shows are on very often. NCIS was on two weeks in a row (for once) and now it's off again. That's par for course with all the shows I love watching. What's up with that?! You don't see much of that with Reality T.V.
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