Apologies for the shameless pimping, but I genuinely can't believe how useful I'm finding DropBox. In my case, I'm using it for liberating documents from the pretty gaol that it my new iPad and automagically synching them with the desktop computer in my study. Think of it as an online thumb-drive/data-stick (or, if you're an iPhone/iPad user, a better form of iCloud). You get 2Gb of storage space for FREE.

Better still, if you follow this link, those nice people at DropBox give me some extra storage space in lieu of a referral fee!


(Shameless pimping aside, I would recommend DropBox without the referral incentive. I really am finding it extremely useful.)
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Dropcopy looks nice and simple, but none of the iPad/iPhone writing apps I'm using seems to have heard of Dropcopy. And Dropcopy doesn't seem to have heard of Windows. Also, Dropbox works over the web, whereas I believe Dropcopy is constrained to your LAN (not necessarily a bad thing, but I can access my Dropbox files from a browser anywhere in the world).

The thing I like about Dropbox is that I don't actually need to access the iPad app; I just save my document from within my writing app, and it is automagically synched on to the computer in my study. It's just there.

Having said all that, I won't be at all surprised when Apple acquire Dropbox and stop it from being quite so useful.
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