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Fridrikr Tomasson

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I cannot like this post enough. It sounds like a wonderful day working on a glorious project.
Had a good day today - but, of course, I think any day spent in a forge is a good day. This all started last fall when I got a most interesting email. My blacksmith association (OABA) sent out an email with a link about an am...
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It was. I wish I had more time and my own shop to make more, but I'm definitely going to tuck this away into my resources for the future.
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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To the people of Æthelmearc, greetings!

This weekend, at Coronation, I spoke with Her Majesty about the A&S Faire on April 23rd. She is very excited about the Faire and Prize Tourney and looks forward to seeing the fine works of the artisans of Sylvan Æthelmearc on that weekend! Let's not disappoint her!

As of today, April 10th, we are up to 22 registered entrants and 12 registered sponsors in the Prize Tourney. I KNOW that there are at least 3 more entrants and maybe one or two sponsors who have NOT registered.

If you are interested in attending, in displaying, in entering the Prize Tourney, PLEASE do so! This can become a major A&S event for the Kingdom of AEthelmearc!

Entrant and Sponsor Registration forms, FAQ's, and Sponsor-Entrant Matching Forms are at <>

Please join Her Majesty, Ariella, at the Faire! Let's show the Known World what Æthelmearc has in the A&S community!

The event announcement is at <>

In service to Sylvan Æthelmearc,

I remain,

Fridrikr Tomasson
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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Æthelmearc A&S Faire & Prize Tourney FAQ'S - 

As the Æthelmearc A&S Faire approaches, we are getting questions about the Prize Faire. Here are some frequently Asked Questions and their answers. 

What is the Arts & Sciences Faire and Prize Tourney?

The Arts & Sciences Faire is an event similar to the Queen’s Prize Tournament or the Laurel Prize Tournament held in other Kingdoms.  It is an opportunity for up and coming Artisans to show their work and be interviewed by more experienced artisans. The event announcement can be found at <>.

Who can participate in the A&S Faire?

Anyone who only has an arts award at the Sycamore level or another Kingdom equivalent, or only a Baronial arts award, or no arts award.  If you have a Grant or Patent level Arts award, you cannot enter.

What should I bring?

You may bring up to three items, or a display, which reflect the work you’ve been involved in. Your entry should also include some form of documentation (see below).

What about documentation?

You may provide whatever documentation you wish.  Documentation is a means to help inform the judges of your work, your research, your sources, your processes, and your conclusions.  Since you will be talking with the judges throughout the day, the extent of your documentation is up to you.

What part do members of the Fleur or Laurel play?

Every entrant must have a sponsor who is a member of the Order of the Fleur d’Athelmearc, or another Kingdom Grant level equivalent Arts or Sciences Order, or a member of the Order of the Laurel.

Sponsors may have more than one entrant to sponsor.

Sponsors will be the judges who interview the entrants during the course of the day.

For every entrant, the Sponsors must provide a gift of some kind – either appropriate to the entrants or a general item – that will be given to the entrants at the end of the day.  Every entrant will leave the day with a gift.

Sponsors are encouraged to have tokens for presenting to any entrants that they are impressed with.

What about Barons, Baronesses, and the Royalty?

Landed Barons and Baronesses, as well as any Royalty who attend, are encouraged to meet the entrants and discuss their work.  Small tokens to present to those entrants you are especially impressed with are encouraged.

What about Children and Youth?

We would LOVE to have children and youth participate as well.  They should also have a sponsor and will be given table space to set up a display of their work as well.

How do I register as either an Entrant or a Sponsor?  And why am I registering?

Registration forms are located on the AEthelmearc Arts & Sciences Webpage at <>

Registration as either an Entrant or a Sponsor allows the organizers of the event to ensure there is sufficient table space for everyone, and to ensure we have enough judges for the day.

What if I want to sponsor someone but I cannot be there?

We encourage all of the sponsors to be in attendance but we understand that the date may preclude some from participating.  You can still be a sponsor!  We ask that you still register but let us know that you cannot attend.  But please make sure you send along gifts for those you do sponsor.

What if I want to enter but I cannot be there?  Can I send my work with someone else?

Unfortunately, no.  Because the intent of the event is to allow face to face discussion of your work, if you are not there to discuss it, it defeats the purpose of the day.

If I can’t make this one, will there be another opportunity?

Absolutely!  We will be using this format for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship in the Fall, as well as hoping to hold another Faire in the Spring of 2017.
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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Posted yesterday:

To the Seneschals and A&S Officers of Æthelmearc,


As of today at 3 PM I have not received first quarter A&S reports from
the following groups:

Shire of Wynterset
Shire of Sterlnge Vayle
Shire of Courtlandslot
Shire of Blackwater
Canton of Beau Flueve
Barony of St Swithins Bog
Shire of Hornwood
Barony of Endless Hills
Shire of Silva Vulcani
Shire of Kings Crossing
Shire of Gryphons Keep
Shire of Port Oasis
Shire of Misty Highlands
Shire of Ballachlagan

I understand that not every shire has a current A&S officer. However,
if your group has an A&S officer, then a report is required.

I will accept delinquent reports until weeks end. Early next week, I
will report to the Kingdom Seneschal all groups that have not reported
and should have done so. The working report form can be found at

Thank you for attending to this matter.

In service,

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Fridrikr Tomasson

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What do AEthelmearc's bards, brewers, heralds, and scribes have that AEthelmearc's embroiderers do not?

A community, that's what!

"Academy of St. Clare of Assisi: Stitches in Time" is hoping to change this!

Hosted by the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, this event's sole focus is on embroidery.

By offering this as a weekend event (March 11-13), rather than a one-day event, we hope to provide attendees with the chance to get to know each other, to learn from each other, and to form bonds, thereby creating a community of artists that will strengthen everyone's work.

A lofty goal, one we cannot achieve without YOU!

Will you join us for a weekend filled with:

a keynote address by Duchess Meirwen uerch Owein about medieval embroidery 

limited-enrollment hands-on classes with plenty of time for personalized instruction

many opportunities to share and ask questions

If you can join us, please consider bringing samples of your work for the Embroidery Display and books to loan for the Reference Library.

Oh, and bring a carload of embroidery friends!

The deadlines for registering are fast approaching:

Event reservations must be postmarked on or before Saturday, February 27, 2016. (That's THIS Saturday!)

"Kit class" payments (either a check or made via Paypal) must be received by the Class Coordinator on or before February 29, 2016. (That's NEXT Monday!)

BUT PLEASE NOTE: Classes with limits are filling up quickly! (Two are already filled!)

To avoid disappointment, mail your reservation TODAY!

Want more info?

Visit for details!

Don't miss AEthelmearc's FIRST embroidery-only event!

P.S. -- Please forward to all your embroidery friends, loved ones, and contacts. Encourage them to pass it on!
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Oh i so wish I could go! dang it!
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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As of today, 5 groups have filed A&S 2nd Quarter reports in Æthelmearc: Delftwood, Thescorre, Blackstone Mountain, Hartstone, and Nithgaard.

Reports are due by or before June 1st.
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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A read-through of Njals Saga. Here is your opportunity to experience "dramatic story-telling," to see if YOU want to be part of the ground-breaking production of Njals Saga in October 2017. Lunch and dinner will be provided, as will crash space for those coming from out-of-town.

Please let us know if you can attend this Njal Saga Read-Through at Fridriksstadir.

Fridrikr & Orianna!
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"Well, is Gunnar at home?"
"Find that out for yourselves," said Thorgrim; "but this I am sure of, that his [pole arm] is at home," and with that he fell down dead.
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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We are up to 17 entrants in the Prize Tourney @ the Æthelmearc A&S Faire on April 23rd.

We are hoping to reach 25 entrants!

If you are interested in entering, but have not found a sponsor, please contact us at <>. If you are interested in being a sponsor, but haven't found an entrant to sponsor, please contact us at <>.

Entrant & sponsor registration forms are available at <>.
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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EK Bardic & Me

One of the reasons I love going to any kingdom's bardic championship is the opportunity to experience the wide-range of talent, to watch performers bravely pit their work out for others to enjoy, and to begin to measure myself against the skills that I witness. Saturday was one such day. It is obvious that Lady Æthelflied and Mistress Alys performed excellently all the day long, as did Lord Drake (new member of the Silver Brooch) and Mistress Sol, who were the other finalists. But I was also moved by the performers who perhaps weren't as experienced and skilled, but who nevertheless moved me with their performances.

There was one who astonished me on Saturday, who showed me a new breadth to her performances, who made me gasp and laugh and stare in wonder - Katrusha the Skomorkh. She is a good friend who generally has been seen in the more formal appearance of a Boyar woman (I hope I got that correct), but who has harbored the desire to present herself as a traveling minstrel show performer, a Russian equivalent of a Commedia actor, if you will. On Saturday, her physical performance, masking, and irrepressible humor and good will, mae herr story of BabaYa, the fox, and the boy come to life. It was the single most stunning performance I saw all day.

Two other performances will stay with me for a long time. The first was the song by Lord Drake in the first round. His performance featured self-accompaniment with an early-period stringed instrument brought me closer to period feeling than anything have previously heard him perform. The second was the first performance by Lady Æthelflied. Her rendition of the final section of Beowulf (in a translation by Master Toki Redbeard) was masterful. She took the audience there from start to finish, from entrance to exit. No introduction, no quick notes, just a straight-up performance of the piece. Exquisite in its simplicity. I have long admired this technique when Master Toki, Master Grim, and Mistress Aoife have use it. Lady Æthelflied use it to great advantage on Saturday.

These are the reasons I love bardic championships. They are also the reasons I come away a bit depressed, because I see in them my personal shortcomings as a performer: lack of courage to try radically new things, lack of courage to take down the harp and get my prqcice in, lack of style in my tale telling. I use my “swiss cheese brain” as a crutch, an excuse for not going the extra mile that Grim & Company go in telling their stories. I KNOW what I need to do to get somewhere near as good as they are. And every time I come home from EK Bardic, I swear I’m going to do what is needed to be as evocative as Æthelflied, as well-rounded as Drake, as experimental as Katrusha. Maybe this will be the year.
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I sort of did, I threw the first line at the royalty from the other side of the performance space.

That being said. I have no words that are adequate to express my gratitude for the praise I'm being given. So I will have to settle for a deeply sincere thank you.
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Fridrikr Tomasson

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To the Seneschals & A&S Officers of Æthelmearc, a reminder.

Your First Quarter A&S Reports are due by 1 March. That is next Tuesday.

The report form which works perfectly well can be found at <>.

Once I have received your report, I will send you a confirmation email. If you have NOT received such an email, but have submitted your report, please contact me.

Please get your reports in on time.

Thank you.

In service,

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