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Let #RocktoberFNS  Begin!
This Saturday, Rocktober 1st, I'll be hosting the first of 5 consecutive Saturdays of #DeepCuts . This week, since it's the 1st of the month, of course we'll be looking/listening/remembering some past and current #1 songs, but we'll also be hearing some special cuts via this date from CCR, David Bowie, The Band, The Beatles, and my annual, very special tribute to my bro', Jimi Hendrix.

The music will be trickling by in the Stream all day, with the main flood roaring in the evening around 9'ish CT. Rocktober is a magical and unique month for music, when for some reason, the cosmic forces of the universes came together to create... well, I hope you can stop by this Saturday, and for the following 30 days, too!

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Good Morning!
During #RocktoberFNS (starting THIS Saturday!), I'll retrospecting with events, Rock Blocks, trivia, and much more that make this special month, well, special... such as jumping into Stewie's time machine to take a listen to #Number1s  of the past, such as this classic hip wiggler, which back in the last week of September 1976 (and on into the first week of Rocktober) was in the second of three weeks at the top spot.

#RogerRHK   #Super70s  
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Happy Birthday Ben E. King
He passed away in April of 2015 at the age of 76, but his voice and legacy live on...

Below, my extremely talented friends at +Playing For Change give their usual, ultra-stellar performance, but if you would like to hear BEn's original cut of this timeless classic ->

#RogerRHK   #OnThisDay   #PFC  
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...and the B-Side to "Hey Jude" was their first overtly political song, written by John as a response to the Vietnam war.

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The Guess Who
During #RocktoberFNS , we will celebrating and remembering many birthdays (such as Randy Bachman's) and other events... both happy and sad.

A member of my "Army of Lurkers" asked me to "put my eyes" on my favorite GW song. She knows me well.

A set from BTO is comin' up a little later!!

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Happy 73rd Birthday, Randy Bachman
A long trip to Canada and Randy's broken guitar string led to one of the most well known anti-war protest songs of all time. But co-writer Burton Cummings had a different take. He said: "What was on my mind was that girls in the States seemed to get older quicker than our girls and that made them, well, dangerous. When I said 'American woman, stay away from me,' I really meant 'Canadian woman, I prefer you.' It was all a happy accident."

A rockin', classic of an accident!!

#RogerRHK   #Number1s   #OnThisDay  
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#RocktoberFNS... a Preview
While the main calendar date for my Jimi thang is this Saturday, it was #OnThisDay back in 1966...50 years ago today... that Jimi met bassist Noel Redding, the final member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Noel had just unsuccessfully auditioned for Eric Burdon's group, The Animals at London's Birdland club. Intros were completed, history would begin, and our music universe changed forever...

#RogerRHK   #Jimi  
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Happy 29th Birthday, Josh Farro
Lead Guitarist, Founding Member; Paramore
According to Hayley, her lyrics are based on real events about her high school experience. Josh would later say: "The song is about a girl who ruined one of our friend's lives with sex, using her sexuality to get what she wanted. And it really affected us, watching him crumble. So, when Hayley wrote 'Misery Business,' she posted online how she wanted to encourage our fans not to be scared to say what you feel or what you're ashamed of, because once you do, you're setting yourself free. We had a huge response. There were some people that were embarrassed of using drugs, drinking, or sleeping around or having gay sex. Everything, really. There were a few parents who replied, ashamed of how they raised their kids."

#RogerRHK   #OnThisDay   #Paramore  
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Good band! Good morning!
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Happy 61st Birthday, George Lynch
Guitarist, Songwriter; Dokken
George is simply one of the best metal guitarists to come out of the #Big80s . I got to see Dokken (one of my favorite "hair bands" of the era) a couple of times back then, and I have to admit, George and the boys always brought a good and very loud show.

#RogerRHK   #Dokken  
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Love Dokken!
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#OnThisDay in 1991, 25 years ago...
... the great Miles Davis passed away at the age of 65.

One of the true "immortals" of music, his legacy lives on in much of the music that brought us through the 60's and every decade through today. If you are a true fan or student of music, then this album... the #1 Jazz album of all-time... is (probably) somewhere in your collection even if ( and especially if) you're not a fan of Jazz.

The influence of Kind of Blue on music, including jazz, rock, and classical music, has led music writers to acknowledge it as one of the most influential albums ever made. In 2002, it was one of fifty recordings chosen that year by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry, and in 2003, the album was ranked number 12 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Today, during your lunch break or whenever you have time, just click/tap below and just sit back and let it play. (Everyday for the past several years, it has been the sound of Miles and "Freddie Freeloader" that has started my day as my wake-up alarm music).

00:00 - So What
09:25 - Freddie Freeloader (This
19:14 - Blue In Green
24:52 - All Blues
36:27 - Flamenco Sketches
45:53 - Flamenco Sketches (Alternate Take)

Pianist Bill Evans, drummer Jimmy Cobb, bassist Paul Chambers, and saxophonists John Coltrane and Julian "Cannonball" Adderley.

#RogerRHK   #modality   #Jazz   #MilesDavis   #Blues  
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It was #OnThisDay in 1968...
...that the Beatles hit #1 with "Hey Jude".

It was originally titled "Hey Jules", as Paul wrote it as some comfort and encouragement for 5 year old Julian Lennon whose parents were going though a divorce. The change in title is due to John's love of show tunes, and the musical Oklahoma! and one of its characters "Jud".

The excellent clip below contains some very entertaining outtakes, yet the final cut of the single was still over 7 minutes, a rarity at the time. Radio stations preferred shorter songs so they could play more of them, but the huge success of this led the way for others like "American Pie" and "Layla". DJ's also liked the longer tracks as it would provide them with ample time for a bathroom break.

#RogerRHK   #Number1s  
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Happy Birthday, Randy!
...and the B-Side to "American Woman? Another classic from one of my mostest favoritest bands.

#RogerRHK   #GuessWho  
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Welcome to FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS - Where Every Night Is Friday Night. Since October 2011.

Over 4+ years ago, I got a wild idea in my head to regularly post fun 80s videos every Friday night. I started to call my regular gig - Friday Night Sessions. It has been a lot of fun taking requests on all sorts of dance videos, top-40, pop, pop-rock and more. I realized (though a friend) that maybe we could do this a bit better via a PAGE. This is that page, and initially asked six friends to co-manage this page with me.

We've kicked the idea around a bit of having Theme Nights, and I like that a lot. So, look on this page for all announcements about #fridaynightsessions and we're glad you're here!

-Sean Cowen, Founder of FNS

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Ryan Van Sickle

Ryan is thinking about hosting an American Folk Roots Songbook night or something like night.  Old folk/blues to modern folk folk/rock.

Writing songs of character and integrity that resound the timeless and universal, Ryan Van Sickle uniquely translates the themes of love, war, life and death and the epic and mundane struggles within.  Following in the steps of the masters from his native Canada, Ryan draws on the influences of Neil Young, Daniel Lanois, and Leonard Cohen alongside American greats Bruce Springsteen and Emmylou Harris.  With the release of his latest album Ghosts Of The Brokenhearted on iTunes - , and on Google Music -, Ryan emerges as a powerful singer songwriter; asserting prowess in building a lyrical highway with a strong voice to carry his listeners on the journey. View his website at

Roger R. H. King
Roger genuinely loves many genres of music as long as it is, as he says, "Worth crankin' up!" Raised on the the sounds of Motown, "Classic" rock, Classical music, R&B, and jazz, he's played drums and sung in numerous unknown bands ranging from blues to country, and jazz to rock.  As a symphonic percussionist, he's also played with many orchestras and other musical productions. A music major in college, he's also been a "personality" on Classic Rock radio, as well as a party DJ in the Springfield area.  Roger's submissions to our page will show off his broad range of tastes and diversity, as he also attempts to educate our audience with facts, stories, and insights about the artists and music.

"I am really looking forward to getting to personally, and musically, know all of you as we head off on this G+ musical journey. Peace, Love, and Crank It!" - RRHK
Branden Haize 

Branden Haize first joined Friday Night Sessions as a volunteer "music historian", supplying facts and trivia to videos posted during the Friday night time slot. Soon, he became an official page manager himself, and the host of his own show, Lost in the Haize. When does it air? It's a spontaneous thing, whenever the mood strikes him (and whenever the forum isn't being used by someone else). Branden is also the author of "Darwin's Playground" and "The Prospector", two independent web-series available to read at


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Andrew Coffman

Andrew is a long time listener of FNS  and has an abiding interest in remixed songs, as evidenced by his own page +All Remixed Up , but his tastes run the gamut of the entire musical spectrum.

While Andrew may not play any instrument beyond the radio or been involved in the music industry, he has been on 5 of the 7 continents, helped build bridges, dams and refineries where no human has business being at and flown enough miles to make it to the moon and back.

Look for him to roll out the eclectic, the remixed and great tunes you forgot you loved in the wee morning hours of West Coast and get ready to whet your whistle for a midnight snack that's tasty and exotic.

Sarah Lynne aka Metalynne

Metalynne or Sarah Lynne, labels herself as a tried and true metalhead. She listens to all sub-genres of metal from heavy metal to metalcore, anything she can bang her head to. Metalynne has a show here on FNS called Subdural Hematoma. Her show is dedicated to all things metal music related. She has been known to bring the studio to flames and we have even had to call security a few times because of her antics.

Look out for her every Sunday night to bring you the most face melting metal show she can. And as Metalynne likes to say, "Horns up! \m/"

Samuel 'Zenman' Vain

Samuel ‘Zenman” Vain was born and grew up in California, he’s a Metalhead to the core that evolved into it. His childhood in the 70’s and teens in the 80’s allowed him to witness the evolution of Rock & Roll into Hard Rock and then Metal. He’s a bit on the crazy side being an accomplished artist so you can never tell what video he might post.

As a youngster he loved the Beatles, Jimmi Hendrix, Kansas, Foreigner, and Black Sabbath in addition to many more. As much fun as they were he needed more guitar and drums as he grew. Suddenly there was Van Halen, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Stormtroopers of Death, Alice Cooper, and this tape he was given in Los Angeles by a guy in a band that he wore out but never could remember the band name. Hearing ‘Hit the lights’ for the first time in 3 years solved that mystery, and the search for more music like that was on. When Slayer came it was like seeing a divinity!

Now that there are bands that can cause aneurisms there is blood all over his walls when it suits him but there is a chill and romantic side to watch, they pop in randomly. He can be sweet, dark, funny, and very serious, but it’s the eccentric parts that make his mind fun.  



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