In English, you use "I would like" to order something, not to state what you like and you don't like.
In French, we do not use the verb 'aimer" in that context. We use the verb "vouloir" in the conditionnal (form of politeness)
EX: je voudrais du vin

you could possibly say "j'aimerais du vin" but it's not very used, specially not when you order something.
We use J'aimerais to be extremely polite and ask for permission somewhere, or to state what you would like to do or not do in a dreamy future ;
Ex: j'aimerais téléphoner s'il vous plaît.
Ex: pour les vacances, j'aimerais bien partir au Vietnam...
== it's a wish, a dream, it's unlikely to happen
Ex: pour les vacances, je voudrais partir au Vietnam
= it's a plan, it's not sure yet, but it's more likely to happen

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