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Freedom Tax Relief
Freedom's tax specialists can help give you peace of mind, and more importantly - help resolve your IRS problems.
Freedom's tax specialists can help give you peace of mind, and more importantly - help resolve your IRS problems.

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Check out a few of our settlements for clients in New York. #Results   #IRS   #testimonialtuesday  

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You all have made a bad situation do-able  Honest feedback from a previous client in California.

"I've been dragging my feet for some time now to get my tax situation in order. I know I've been a difficult client to work with.
Mr. Stein has been the one I go to for all my questions and hand holding. And let me tell you I've needed a lot.
He has been absolutely amazing! He has always made himself available for me and has always had the answer to my questions, I can't thank him enough or Freedom Tax Relief more for this whole experience.
You all have made a bad situation do-able." Anonymous ~ CA

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Gratitude for a fine job - Jeffrey in Florida

"Good morning Gentlemen,
I wanted to drop you a line to express my gratitude for a fine job by your company Freedom Tax Relief. I had several years of tax returns that needed to be prepared and filed, and the tax preparer I had did an outstanding job. Not only was he knowable of the tax code, he was also very professional and courteous. It is always a pleasure working with someone of his caliber.
Thank you again. - Jeffrey in Florida"

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Did you know you can claim mileage deductions even if you are not self employed?  Here is an amazing app by +MileIQ that will ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck and it's available at the +Google Play or Apple App Store.

Info sourced from
MileIQ - Mile Tracker & Mileage Log for Tax Deduction on ...
Rating: 4.5 - ‎55 reviews - ‎Free - ‎iOS
Sep 21, 2015 - Description. MileIQ uses smart drive-detection technology to automatically log your drives and calculate their value. You get the reimbursement ...
MileIQ - Mileage Tracker & Log - Android Apps on Google Play
Rating: 4.5 - ‎4,771 votes - ‎Free
MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker that tracks the miles you drive for business. By using smart drive-detection technology, MileIQ automatically logs your ...

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Phenomenal job in helping us resolve our delinquent tax issues - Bob and Robin Bovard in Maryland

Read more:
"I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know what a phenomenal job Freedom Tax Relief did in helping us resolve our delinquent tax issues.  From the outset, they made sure we had all the information necessary to prepare our year by year client tax organizers and provided extremely prompt responses to all our questions.  When I needed more clarification that required a phone consultation, I was always able to reach them and they where as thorough, understandable, and encouraging on the phone as in our e-mail exchanges.  Even though my wife and I worked very hard to compile everything and put it to paper, I still felt like Freedom Tax Relief was doing all the heavy lifting because their advice, recommendations, and tax law knowledge were detailed, forthright, and completely indispensable to us and definitely smoothed the way for putting together fair and comprehensive returns.  I’m looking forward to the final stages of our resolution because I know that will be a huge burden lifted, but I know for sure we were feeling the headiness early on purely as a result of Freedom Tax Relief's support and hard work." - Bob and Robin Bovard -in Maryland

#happyclients   #TaxRelief   #IRShelp   #taxes  

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A Godsend for me and my family.  Susan in TX (9.17.15)

"Hi, I just want to say how much I appreciate the work and efforts put forth by Freedom Tax Relief. My story was about ten years of back taxes and didn't know which way to turn but Mr. Stein was a Godsend for me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Susan - TX  Small Business Owner

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Even if you haven't filed your taxes EVER, Freedom Tax Relief can help get you on track today!

What Happens if You Don’t File Correctly?

Read this excerpt from Dharma Diaz-Azcuy, CPA, Accounting Services Manager article on  You can  read her full article here:

So what happens to companies or employers that don’t comply with the 1099 filing requirements? There are several types of penalties for failure to file 1099 with the IRS, intentionally filing incorrectly and failure to provide copies of 1099s to recipients. The penalty types are not mutually exclusive, which means that if you fail to file 1099s with both the IRS and the recipient, the penalties could be double the standard penalty rates.

The penalty for failure to file, which is based on when you file, ranges from $30 to $100 per form, with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per year. This is a significant increase from the previous maximum penalty of $75,000 to $250,000 per year ($25,000 to $100,000 for small businesses). The penalty for intentional failure to file or intentionally filing incorrect information is $250 per form with no maximum.

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APPRECIATE YOUR CANDOR AND HONESTY  If tax payers that we don't enroll give us feedback like this, imagine the ones we do!

From: Linda W. [mailto:wh****]
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2015 8:31 PM
To: Brian Rodriguez <>
Subject: RE: [Freedom Tax Relief] I received your request, Do you know a good time?

*"I appreciate your candor and honesty in regard to my problem.  I will follow your advice and download the form you suggested and try to get some of the penalties and interest removed.
Thank you for not selling me blue sky about what your company could accomplish for me;  that speaks highly of your company but especially of you.
Much success in the future,
Linda W. - Arizona"*

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Do you drive for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, or provide other driving services? Learn about what can be a write off with ZEN99 industry specific guide. Read on:

Article Excerpt:
Parking and Tolls
In addition to either of the two methods above, you can expense parking fees and tolls that relate to business driving. For example, if you have to cross a bridge to go to your area of work, you can expense the toll. But if you’re taking a break for lunch, you cannot expense the parking (since it is not directly related to you providing services to a client).
Cell Phone
If you pay for a phone and data plan, you can write off the business portion of this cost. The IRS allows you to use a bit of judgment when calculating this number.

Let’s say you pay $50 per month for your personal cell phone use. After joining a ridesharing company, you decide to upgrade to a $100 per month data plan since you’ll be using their app and GPS often. You have a good case for writing off the extra $50 per month, because you wouldn’t have purchased it if you hadn’t started this new business.
Food for Passengers
You cannot expense meals for yourself (such as your own lunch). You can, however, write off any snacks or amenities purchased for clients (e.g. water).
Car Interest Payments
You can write off interest on your car loan payments. However, like all expenses, you can only write off the business portion (e.g. 60% of the interest if you use the car 60% business / 40% personal).
What about subscription radio, air freshener, or [other]?
The IRS allows you to use some judgment on determining if an expense is business related. An expense must be ordinary and necessary for your line of business in order for it to qualify as an expense. Ordinary means common and accepted in your business; necessary means helpful and appropriate.

For example, a Sirius XM subscription might not meet this test. It’s semi-ordinary to give passengers music options, but not really necessary (since you could just use free radio). But air freshener for the car is both ordinary and necessary, since many drivers use it and it helps keep your passengers happy.

#uber   #1099income   #rideshare   #taxguide  

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How much do the OIL giants pay in taxes? Read this article by Steve Hargreaves, senior writer for +CNNMoney just breathe easy while you read!

(Excerpt) -- Exxon Mobil wants to tell you something: It pays taxes. A lot of them.

In the first months of this year, Exxon (XOM, Fortune 500) says it paid $3.1 billion in taxes in the United States -- more than even the $2.6 billion in profit it made selling oil and gas.

To get to that number, the company includes the federal and state gasoline taxes that the company collects from drivers and passes on to government coffers. It also includes payroll taxes the company pays on behalf of its employees.  Read the full story here:

#FRIDAYFACT   #fridayfunny   #Bigoil   #TAXES  
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