New features available Some new features are now available on free-cash-register.netEdit items names of an order on the receipt : this feature let you double click on an order's item, directly on the receipt, in order to edit the name of this item if you want to add details (example : Queen pizza without mushrooms). This feature needs to be activated in the Config page (in the Item section).Changing the date of an order : this option now lets you choose the accounting date of an order, which can now be different from the validation date. This feature is available through a new Action type you can add to the cash register keyboard in page Config, Actions, which is named Value date. It will let you access a calendar in order to choose the date of the current order during its creation.New SMS invoice tags : some new tags are available in order to customize you SMS invoices, they will let you have all the details of a classic invoice in your SMS.Improvement of our custommer relationship : following the recent overflood of our custommer support service, we have deployed a new back-office in order to be more efficient to answer your needs. We also now collect your questions, in order to aggregate them into a Frequently asked question page.Voucher gifts in text format : now lets you print voucher gifts with a receipt printer. The feature needs to be activated in Config page.
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