Awesome..didnt know it existed..anyway running it on my win7 laptop now.
We all know that utorrent sadly is getting more and more bloated.
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That easily happens with win.. not only the program, a s-it load of dll and junk is needed to be loaded in mem.. that will make comp sluggish real fast..   linux rocks :)    since i can keep smart phones synched in linux now, only the games is a reason to keep win as a dual..   If steam turn out to be a succes i can do a virtual win for my gps.. or buy one that works in linux to get rid of that crap windoze  once and for all
Hehe have to pay attention when installin uTorrent or else it grabs some bookmarks and toolbars.

But im only using Win now..but im going the Linux way sort of.
LibreOffice,Clementine music player,Pidgin hehe.
Clementine may be good, i changed from rhythmbox to banshee now for the exellent synch funćtion,, it somewhat works on rhytmbox but banshe interface is more pleasing to the eye.. none of them beat the audaucius flexibility handling music files or streams thoo
Aujdacious is a great winamp lookalike...but ive gotten used to clementines userface and iTunes ish layout.
Built in scrobbling and things like that
all of them has, and what u use is a matter of taste :)
only audacious has the drag and drop function on f.ex url's.. hard to beat that lol
yeah true =)

But in Clementine you got a tab for streams..some already and jamendo and some others.
Also a folder for your own streams.

But audavcious is a bit smaller hehe =D
much smaller lol  and all the winamp skins fit :P
for me banshee works perfectly with keeping track om my cd's total information. including cd cover and if i want, lyrics..   i have my favourite radiostations on listenlive .eu anyway.  i save the ones i want to keep as a file so i can restore it with a click should i need to reinstall .  ..that is really all of the absolutes , classic is just as an example + the ones i need from swedish radio.   i tend to listen to 3 of them anyway.. :D that the Winamp skins are usable aswell.
Hehe yeah banshee is cool long as it works and have the stuff wanted and needed ;)
hehe well i did my conky  comp health + weather and news.. so im fine there.. and i am a bit happy it isnt talking also ;D
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