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This is a good podcast episode, where Mike interviews food writer Bee Wilson about her latest book.
Drop that sandwich and listen to this!

Why are you eating that?

In this episode, I talk with food writer Bee Wilson about her book: "First Bite: How We Learn to Eat."



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"Curious people on the Internet, are like sugar fiends around chocolate."

- Note to Self: The Case for Infomagical
All of the information you need about information overload. Sign up for Note to Self’s Infomagical project at!
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Interesting. I didn't even know that Lego started out by copying a patented design.
Fascinating! I knew that LEGO had "copied" they're brick style from someone else, but that it went that far back is incredible! 
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The Christmas trees are still hanging in there. :-)
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About time. Especially since 8.1 is still supported.
Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows 8's life support, telling customers that they need to upgrade to continue receiving crucial updates and security patches.
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The perfect mashup. #StarWars TFA in the style of Calvin and Hobbes by Brian Kesinger:
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Den här måste jag se!

(Tack +Rickard Johannesson för länktips.)
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"Vill man se 40-åriga män gråta ska man gå på spelmusikkonsert!" Zelda, Final Fantasy eller kanske Journey - hur har denna musik blivit så populär? Vi går på nattklubbar med chipmusik och retromässor med gamla arkadspel och pratar med fansen. Vi träffar också gamla och nya spelmusikkompositörer som berättar hur musiken skapas. Vi möter spelmusikens Beethoven, Nobuo Uematsu, när han möter sina förväntansfulla fans och signerar skivor. Filmregissör...
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mycket fascinerande 
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If you get measles, it harms your immune system for several years afterwards. So if you vaccinate against the measles, it protects you from many other infectious diseases, as an added bonus. Nice!
It turns out the measles virus is actually nastier than we've thought, as it weakens your immune defense system against many other diseases it previously might have had resistance against. So not only does this vaccine reduce measles infections, but it also reduce deaths from lots of other infectious diseases.

You might want to grant your kid superhero resistance against all that.
When the U.S. introduced the measles vaccine, childhood deaths from all infections plummeted. Scientists think they might know why: Benefits of the measles vaccine go way beyond the measles.
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Jon Karlung (Bahnhof): De flesta förstår inte riskerna [med massövervakning]

Ett studiebesök hos tyska Stasi, en ganska ineffektiv övervakningsapparat eftersom allt var analogt. Försvarets radioanstalt (FRA) har idag mycket effektivare och otäckare teknik för att spionera på dem som just idag upplevs vara ett hot mot rikets säkerhet eller den allmänna ordningen.

Stasi var bekymrade över punkmusik. I dagens Ryssland skyller man alla problem på homosexuella och västerlänningar. I Kina kan fel politiska åsikter göra att du hamnar i fängelse. I Sverige spionerar vi antagligen på muslimer och islamister, men ingen vet exakt vad FRA har för sig, eftersom ingen övervakar övervakaren. De kan missbruka sin makt i princip hur som helst utan att någon granskar dem.

Vad skulle möjligen kunna gå fel?
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Bildspecial: Följ med till Stasis gamla högkvarter i Berlin!
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Snow in Göteborg this morning on my way to work. #gbgftw #chalmersftw
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+Bronwyn Vourtis, pretty yes, but the city and public transit completely failed to handle it. The whole day has been chaos. Pretty chaos, but still. :-)
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Skallade Orre...

GP fortsätter oförtrutet att rapportera "om det viktigaste som händer i landet, just nu."

Tillåt mig småle. :-)

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Bildspel: Regnkaoset i Malmö

Malmö med omnejd drabbades av ett plötsligt skyfall under söndagsmorgonen. På en timme föll 20 millimeter och översvämningslarmen rasade in.

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Hot summer could wipe out Goth population, experts warn | NewsBiscuit

'They are poorly equipped to deal with high temperatures as they can’t take off their black jeans and duffel coats.'


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Jag pratar hellre med dig än med åtta försoffade partiledare

I morgon (söndag 4 maj) går Agendas partiledardebatt av stapeln i SVT. Trots att debatten sålts in som viktig inför EU-valet, bland annat sk

SKOP: 3% tänker rösta på Piratpartiet i EU-valet

Inför EU-valet den 25 maj har Poll Watch sammanställt opinionsundersökningar från 28 nationella undersökningar. Den svenska delen av undersö

Johan Norberg: ”Det blev inte så miljövänligt som vi hoppades” – Metro

30 april JOHAN NORBERG: Det var framtidens bränsle. Etanolet subventionerades hårt och alla större bensinmackar tvingades i praktiken bygga


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Nice hotel, clean, good service. Several large swimming pools, including one indoors. Breakfast is good. The lobby WiFi works, but only sometimes.
Public - 7 months ago
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Good hotel, with an nice view of the river. Decent rooms and good service. Good food and bar, and they even have a small bar in the reception.
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Fun place, good burgers, good drinks. Good service.
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24 reviews
Pretty good zoo, fun for small children. Lots of walking, but the restaurants and amenities are good.
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Surprisingly interesting. Worth a visit. Lots of fun little knickknacks, good exhibitions, and they even sell real high quality ropes and cords.
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Good cafe. Nice atmosphere, good service. Good breakfast buffet.
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