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Seems like it's time to start leaving Instagram as a useful platform. They killed off IFTTT and Flipboard integration, by intentionally crippling their API. These are not the actions of a company I'd trust with any important data.
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My only experience with them is that since I don't have an account they are making it very difficult for me to actually see anything shared there. 
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Pretty cool new keyboard from Google for iOS.
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Even Americans are getting tired of the arcane system they use for their elections. Also, raising public awareness of these topics might be the one good thing that Donald Trump had ever done.
More than half of American voters believe that the system U.S. political parties use to pick their candidates for the White House is "rigged" and more than two-thirds want to see the process changed, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.
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+Fredrik Mellström - it is not even necessary to start a party. Sanders could, if he and his supporters wanted it, get on the Presidential ballot with little effort:


That's what Perot did in 1992. The Texas billionaire said he was open to a draft movement in February, opened a phone bank in March and after an in-and-out campaign was on all 50 state ballots in November. There were times during the campaign when he led Republican George H.W. Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton in national polls, and he participated in the fall debates.

In the end, Perot carried 19% of the popular vote, the most for any third candidate since Teddy Roosevelt's bid in 1912 as the Progressive "Bull Moose" party's nominee.

Texas has the earliest deadline and some of the stiffest requirements for an independent presidential candidate to get on the ballot. By May 9 -- just five weeks away -- a candidate must submit petitions with 70,939 signatures. Realistically, the number has to be much higher as a cushion for signatures that might be thrown out as ineligible. North Carolina's deadline is next, on June 9. Three other states (Illinois, Indiana and New Mexico) have deadlines in late June.

But thirty-one states and the District of Columbia don't have deadlines until August, and many require only a nominal number of signatures, such as 275 in Tennessee and 800 in New Jersey. In Colorado, a check for $1,000 gets a candidate on the ballot. The final deadlines (in Arizona, Kentucky, Mississippi and Rhode Island) are on Sept. 9.

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It's not looking good for press freedom around the world. :-/
For the first time since the rankings began, media freedom in Africa is better than in the Americas.
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Bra övningar för rygg och nacke åt kontorsarbetare, som kan utföras ganska lätt på arbetsplatsen. Det är inga tunga vikter eller svett, bara aktivering av rätt muskelgrupper.

Jag funderar dock; han uppmuntrar folk att resa sig upp. Men eftersom jag själv står upp vid mitt skrivbord nästan hela tiden, finns det då några särskilda trix som är extra bra för mig? "Tre övningar för stående kontorsråttor" kanske? :-)
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Motverka dålig hållning och slipp huvudvärk. Personlige tränaren Jimmy Englund visar övningarna som du kan göra varje dag på kontoret.
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The Skype emoticons/emoji are actually very good. I like them. :-)
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Agreed – they are very good, if slightly oddly mapped to their text representations, at times (particularly, how :-] maps to a heart-struck one stumps me over and over).
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This really sounds like an important book. I'll try to find the time to read it.
Paul Bernal on the role of corporate lobbyists in manipulating politics and law to align internet policy with business interests
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Very cool dancing on a #solowheel 
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Awesome bass guitar solo of the Game of Thrones theme song. I didn't know you could play bass like that. :-)
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Wow! :D
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Jag kan varmt rekommendera +Travellink för alla som vill köpa flygbiljetter på nätet. Jag har handlat av dem många gånger de senaste 9 åren, och efter dagens händelser kommer jag definitivt att fortsätta med det.

Jag fick ett tekniskt problem vid betalningen av en flygbiljett hos dem, och nu ikväll mailade deras kundtjänst och meddelade att de hade betalat tillbaka hela biljettpriset, och jag kunde sedan göra ett nytt framgångsrikt köp.

Detta är andra gången som Travellink skickat tillbaka pengarna när något har strulat med flygbolag eller betalsystem. Deras kundtjänst har varit bra, och jag litar på dem.

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Travellink resor erbjuder billiga flyg och flygbiljetter till hela världen. Boka enkelt online flygresor hos Nordens ledande internetresebyrå.
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Jete fint
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I just received my first Fracture, and I must say it looks really good. Mine sits on my desk in the office right now, but you can also hang them on a wall with the included mounting screw.

I believe these will make awesome gifts for birthdays or holidays.

If you're thinking about ordering a Fracture, please use my personal rewards code, so both you and I will get a $10 discount.  :-)

Fredrik's Rewards Code: RFR115054

Fractures are stunning prints of your photos onto pure glass. Free shipping for orders over $100.
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Nifty! Do you have any picture of yours to share, perchance?
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You don't need encryption if you have nothing to hide.

And if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Only criminals want to hide certain things from the authorities... Right?
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Hot summer could wipe out Goth population, experts warn | NewsBiscuit

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Jag pratar hellre med dig än med åtta försoffade partiledare

I morgon (söndag 4 maj) går Agendas partiledardebatt av stapeln i SVT. Trots att debatten sålts in som viktig inför EU-valet, bland annat sk

SKOP: 3% tänker rösta på Piratpartiet i EU-valet

Inför EU-valet den 25 maj har Poll Watch sammanställt opinionsundersökningar från 28 nationella undersökningar. Den svenska delen av undersö

Johan Norberg: ”Det blev inte så miljövänligt som vi hoppades” – Metro

30 april JOHAN NORBERG: Det var framtidens bränsle. Etanolet subventionerades hårt och alla större bensinmackar tvingades i praktiken bygga


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One of my favorite sandwich shops, always great quality and service. A family business since 1996. They mostly sell sandwiches, salads, drinks and coffee, plus some candy, snacks and groceries.
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Small place, but great burgers. One of the top joints in the city. Small but decent selection of beer. Quaint if slightly uncomfortable interior. A single, very small restroom. But really you come here for the food, which is excellent.
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One of the best cinema complexes I've ever been to, for sure. Great entrance, great chairs and movie screens. And horribly expensive snacks, of course, but that's the usual fare for movie theatres.
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Great vegetarian and vegan buffet. Always varied and tasty food options, good bread and desserts.
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Rätt OK för att vara McDonald's, åtminstone om man äter på plats. Drive-through brukar vara riskabelt eftersom de ofta har glömt delar av beställningen när vi åkt igenom. Om man äter inne kan man åtminstone gå tillbaka till kassan och påminna dem.
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God mat! Lite dyrare än konkurrenterna. Bra parkering, godkänd drive-in. Jättebra att beställa i lugn och ro med express-automaterna eller telefon-appen.
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