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Research Artist and Digital Alchemist
Research Artist and Digital Alchemist

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The Robots Are Coming For Your Job -- And That's A Great Thing!

Since the very first wheel or hammer was made, people have been using leverage to get work done. You take this trend and add a few motors, semi conductors, pumps and sensors, you've got Robotics.

First of all, robotic material handling tends to scare people.
But this is the last thing that should worry anybody. think about it.
There's no way that a human can't outperform another human being's invention. No matter how advanced, it's a thing. It's a thing that frees up humans from doing mind numbing chores so we can all learn how to do higher level tasks.

Robotic manufacturing automation affords people precisely consistent production, predictable results, stable benchmarks that are easy to control and upgrade (if the way you mix cookie batter changes every time, you never know if it's the flour, the yeast, or the mixing time), speed and ultimately, freedom from monotonous mind numbing tasks. It's these mind numbing tasks that cause accidents, limb dismemberment, and death.

If you think the applications of Robotics is limited and that it won't
come after your manual labor job, you might be surprised. Robotics and manufacturing automation is used in Pharma, Biotech, Foods, Plastics, Manufacturing, Welding, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, Logistics,Transportation, Shipping, Chemicals, Energy, and every other industry. But that's a good thing. It frees you up to learn how to program and control these robots.


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Interia by Jason de Caires Taylor

A Malaysian artist has gone to great depths to create statue galleries that become coral reefs. Located in the MUSA Collection in Punta Nizuc, Mexico, Inertia shows the human ability to live within a bubble. 

More pix:

#interia #globalwarming #bubble #mexico #art

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Official Ghostbusters LEGO was worth waiting 30 years...
Who you gonna call...??

m fan project to commercial reality, it's been a hell of a ride for Brent Waller's LEGO Ghostbusters, one that's coming to an end now that the official set has been unveiled.P

#toys #LEGO #ghostbusters

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Combining reality with fiction and physical with reality is a winning formula
It’s insanely easy to photoshop aliens and ghosts into pictures these days. Here are some creepy pictures that are still bizarre despite the photoshop.


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Hah.. well cone :-)

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Yep.. Amazed!!!
Had seen the image many a times earlier, but understood the importance of it today...Amazed!!! 

In 1996, scientists took a huge risk when they pointed the Hubble telescope to an inky field that they believed to be void of stars and planets. As images from Hubble are in constant demand, the worry was that devoting so much time to a black space would prove futile. Once the photons finally registered, though, that leap of faith proved fruitful: light from over three thousand galaxies illuminated the image. A few years and missions later, Hubble’s glimpse into what is known as the deep field has revealed that we are just one tiny part of a vast system comprising 100 billion galaxies.

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Calling captain Nemo....
"The whole body just lunged onto the camera". Watch as an octopus makes it clear he doesn't like being filmed.

Close encounter with a curious octopus - BBC News
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