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Got an LG Watch Urbane as a gift from my wife and I must say that it's pretty neat!

I was really surprised on how it instantly changed how I behave both with responding to messages and how much less I use my phone.

But the best thing is +Roman Nurik​'s Muzei with the most beautiful watchface, perfectly synced with the daily updated background on my +OnePlus​ One 👍

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Got my Bamboo cover for my +OnePlus​ One yesterday and I must say it looks and feels really great!

The One is the fist phone I've bought for my own money since the very first One, the +Nexus​ One.

I've had many phones over the years, both +Android​ and iOS devices, but they have been paid by the companies I've been working at.
Needless to say many things have happened over the years and the development have been amazing, still it's nice to see the core android experience intact - just with a sweeter cover, both in terms of software and hardware.


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This looks awesome! A simple button that you can configure to do anything... Let's hope that it's as seamless as it seems... :) 

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Heads up! The absolutely best launcher for Android is on sale! Buy it now, thank me later... :) 

+1 Boy

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Two live events at the same time on +The Verge? Well, that's what the 2nd monitor is for! :) #mwc2014  

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Hello fellow gophers!

I found myself writing the same skeleton for my go web servers every time so I figured I repackage it into its own repo.

It serves as a starting point for apps to run on google appengine as well as a stand alone server.

Comments and suggestions are greatly welcome as this is just what I came up with in the last hour...

Happy coding!

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The King candy(TM) trademark saga(TM) continues, now they try to cancel an independent developers trademark...

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Check out this is gorgeous live wallpaper app for android, it's the best I've seen so far.

Great job! 
Introducing Muzei Live Wallpaper: A living museum for your Android home screen.

A year ago tonight, I published my first side project, DashClock [1]. Tonight, I'd like to introduce you to my new side project, Muzei, which is now open source and live on Google Play!

Get it on Google Play:
Check out the source:

Muzei is a live wallpaper that gently refreshes your home screen each day with famous works of art. It also recedes into the background, blurring and dimming artwork to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight. Simply double touch the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to enjoy and explore the artwork in its full glory.

Alternatively, you can choose your favorite photos from your own gallery or other apps to use on your home screen. To keep your wallpaper fresh, Muzei will rotate through your favorite photos every few hours.

Muzei is also developer-friendly. In addition to being open source, it offers a simple API that allows you to build your own wallpaper source. For API details, visit The API should look pretty familiar to those of you who've built a DashClock extension before (even though it's completely different under the hood).

Featured artwork in Muzei is curated daily by my art teacher fiancée +Liza Gordon and me. The artwork images are thanks to and its fantastic contributors.

Over the next few days/weeks, I'll be sharing more about the project: what inspired it, how it was built, and the thought process for some of my favorite design elements (some of which I've hinted at in previous posts).

And lastly, some fun facts for the curious:

• Muzei was imagined, designed, and built right here in chilly New York City—a city that never ceases to inspire. I highly recommend a visit, especially to Lincoln Center.
• "muzei" is a transliteration of the Russian word музей, which means “museum.”

With that, enjoy the app, and let me know what you think in the comments!


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