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+Tom Critchlow wrote about a cool bookmarklet to instantly check page traffic of the current website you are visiting. The site obviously has to exist in your Google Analytics account, and you have to be logged in.

If you work with multiple sites you would have to create a bookmarklet for every domain. Not a problem if we are talking 2 or 3 sites, but if you work for an agency, own a lot of affiliate sites, etc you may have 10+ sites in your GA account.

By modifying the bookmarklet from +Tom Critchlow's post you can include all your sites in a single bookmarklet.

I have made an example here:
Just replace the URLs and ID

Feel free to use it :)
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Thanks so much for adding this! I love the idea and agree that it will be helpful for those who are in-house or managing multiple sites. I tweeted out a link to this G+ post.

Yes, very handy for us Ad agency! Cheers!
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