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having a G+ account is a prequiste for all of the content you create for your website and on social media to get ascribed to a Google Author
You do NOT have to use a Gmail to pull this off

you can convert your main company email INTO a G+... using this link:

To make sure Google credits YOU as the author on all social media, change the email yuu use for twitter and FB to the G+ email you created above (twitter and FB block Google, you need to "get your digital time card punched", if all of the notifications from twitter and FB are sent to your main Google+ email, Google can see that and credit YOU as the author)
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Google Sits, Oblivious, On The Most Valuable Social Network Of All

Read more:

Facebook's problem, ultimately, is that it's a social network between people who just don't have all that much in common (from an advertiser's perspective).
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Twitter Marketing FAIL!!
someone didn't test this or think it through...
they slapped a "share this on twitter", without counting the characters they wanted in the twitter post
exceeds 140 characters by 18 characters
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looks like this prewritten invitation to tweet is a wee bit over the 140 character limit DOH!
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Too many people make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars on just Pay-Per-Click (Sponsored Ads) campaigns before they realize that most people click on the non-sponsored listings more than "Sponsored Ads"

SEO Tip #3: Write Very Linkable & Sharable Content

(the SEO's MAIN job is content creation*
An article is not a sexy thing to look at here in today's online marketing world. Generic content can't be slapped together and thrown online with the hope that it will get high ranking for the life of that page of content. Think about the book the Long Tail that I linked to above. I do because the content was meanful and useful to me in my career as an SEO Expert. The content could have these attributes if it has any hope of earning and sustaining higher ranking in the search engine results (many of these came directly from Google):
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I've been telling my small business #LocalSEO clients that their customers are soon going to be Googling from their smartphones EXCLUSIVELY in the very near future.
Intel announces it no longer wants to make desktops!
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so we're going to start using our phones instead of our computers?
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the days of search “optimizing” a website may be numbered. Content marketing, and brand storytelling through digital communications channels, appear to be the heir to legacy SEO. The confluence of previously disparate tactics (for some) will support content distribution across search, social, and even more explicit advertising channels (display, broadcast media)
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Relationship Marketing - The Holy Grail of social media marketing is Emotion
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Desktop computers are (nearly) as obsolete as MS DOS and 56k telephone modems.
Your phone has become smart enough for you to not need a PC anymore!!
Intel is NO LONGER MAKING chips for PC, they're announcing they are still gonna make chips for tablets
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Hmm. Try creating complex graphics on a phone.;)
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Traditional marketing = media spends
Local SEO = Attract and close sales with effective use of content marketing with ZERO media spends
all from Google. #localseo  
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Does your personal Facebook profile needs it's mouth washed out with soap?
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The best website in the world won’t make you a dime unless people come to it and find themselves engaged with the content there.
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Local SEO & Google Places Ranking
Local SEO for Lawyers -Google Places Ranking - Smartphone Google Ranking

Smartphone SEO means Google Places Ranking
Local SEO Apex Predator David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

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That's what I do for small businesses, real estate agents, lawyers, plastic surgeons.
Local SEO  (translation) : people pay me to make their company
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Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for local Frederick County & Montgomery County Maryland. Online Publicity, Youtube optimization, Google Business Accounts set up and optimized.

From Corporate Accounts to Small Businesses.

Did your Google Places Listing Disappear?

More than likely you violated the TOS, maybe inadvertently... or you thought you'd get away with it(nobody reads the fine print... or you hired someone who didn't know what they were doing)

It is NOT in Google's best interests to keep you banned... Google wants to encourage "good behavior"

I've been repairing this for lawyers, plastic surgeons, chain stores and Mom n Pop small business people for 2 years. 

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