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Seriously, deeply humbled to added to this stellar line up of some of the best high end top notch talent for 8Dio's upcoming release of the heretofore unannounced "secret tool". 8Dio opens their doors Aug 1st and this unannounced scoring tool will be available to all.
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Thanks bro. Troels is really excited about it and it seems to be the sort of library that will probably be part of scores of multiple composers.
Looking forward to hearing more about it! Nice track :)
Super kind words from some seriously nice and talented folks in your own right. Thanks!
Damn, I want to know what the tool is!
The demos are intriguing. But will it spark another argument for scores sounding the same? The fabled "Symphobia" effect...
I don't think it's fair to blame the tools for composers not pushing the limits to achieve new and original sounds with those tools.
Reality is often different from principle. Can't tell you how many TV series, films, and commercials use stock presets from any number of libraries.
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