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Google+ members, check your name in Google search. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked when my G+ account name showed up at the number one slot after only a few weeks here. G+ seems to be taking networking to the next level so this was an unexpected benefit.
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thanks for clarifying that Brett - oh well, it felt good while the illusion lasted! (EDIT: hmmm, well, I did log out and got the same result - I've had my FB & LinkedIn accounts for ages but my G+ account still ranked at number one and only after a few weeks).
Same here Andrew. Facebook and LinkedIn held the number one spots which my G+ account took after a little while of using it too.
actually that gave me a momentary chill as it made me realize exactly how exposed "public" comments really are. I mean, \duh\, but still... it's easy to get too comfortable.
Yup - best behavior at all times at G+ because whatever said here is just about written in stone with your name attached.
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