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My Quaker is molting and she's hormonal ATM (I think) She is biting my fingers like mad, for no reason at all... She's gone through this once before about 12 months ago, and I cannot seem to find any explanation for this... Anyone else with a #parrot that's been through the same thing?

I'm usually her "most favourite human" but she is now way more loving towards my partner (even though she still acts like she wants to be with me) Any advice??

It's so hard not to react when she takes a chunk outta my finger, but that's the only advice I've been able to locate - "don't react" HELP! IM IN PAIN! 
The Gap, Queensland
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Not sure that I can. Duckie is the way that she is because she's bonded to me as a mate, which isn't particularly good. I'm assuming the subject had been googled. Some say that this can happen if something has changed, like the bird's surroundings or routine. The only time Duckie has really bitten me is when she's territorial about her 'nest' and my hand gets too close when I'm shooing her away from it. If I find anything I'll report back. 
Thanks +Margaret Hamwood - I would definitely agree that Jub-Jub has bonded with me as a mate...  An explanation I read was that she is treating me as the "parent" bird and she is at the point of leaving the nest and choosing her own "mate" which I guess is my OH +Peter Dubowski She is being angelic towards him but hates me ATM... She is very protective of her "happy hut" towards both of us though... The HH is just hanging behind a door on a hook inside the house... Her cage is outside, and she's never been territorial about that area but has always been cranky about her HH with everyone but me...
I found this page and founding it very interesting. It's a bit long winded and in depth, but gives a good insight into the moulting process. As far as not reacting, I've found with Duckie that it doesn't encourage her to do it as she knows she's in trouble when she does. She's never bitten me out of sheer fun, there's always been a reason behind it, mainly when she's guarding her nest, which is a tall upright lamp and I decide to dislodge her because she's getting too aggressive. I'm sure she'll come good eventually. 
She will come good Margaret, we've been through this once before... The first time stressed me out to the Max, coz it had never happened before... hopefully in a couple months it will be over again...

When I tell you there is NO REASON, I swear, there is none! We just sit in our chair together and she will go NUTS out of nowhere!!! I try to read "the signs" but it happens for no reason - I swear!!! Thanks for the article, I will check it out :)
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