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If you don't know by now, you should . . .

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Unfortunately this edition has to be way beyond 60-seconds. I'm in the second reading of Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It, actually I'm listening to the Audible version, and just ordered the print version. This could possibly be the most important book of the decade and I urge anyone reading this to get a copy and study it.

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Is it Click Bait? You decide...
Sooner or later you will see my “Click Bait” or “Fake News” stamp on certain posts. I have started reporting those which appear to be more slanted toward getting you to click to their site, or to get a Facebook user to “share” the post than a real post. While FaceBook claims to be attempting to ‘guard’ you from those evils, we’re taking a much more strict and honest approach to the identification. There are mathematical formula that were once used to identify “spam” sites, that lend themselves perfectly to identifying click bait or fake news.

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WOW ... I have arrived!!!! A personal letter from Google's Larry Page ... OMG I'm so fortunate! (But really, I don't understand why it didn't actually come from Google but was sent by a computer at at )

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Grab my latest Creative Tidbits #219: street art, white space, art nouveau, lessons in design and more

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Everybody welcome Evan Fraser to the Design & Publishing Center, DTG Magazine with his latest article . . . . #logodesign #logos #graphicdesign

How many times have I said it? Advertising sucks on the web? Some people are starting to agree. This edition of WebUpdate seems to reinforce that concept. This week we'll also see some warnings about your rankings and publishing good, content is good SEO. Let's dig in :

Web Advertising Sucks... Affiliate Fees Are Going To Take Over!
5 Traffic-Growing On-Page Optimization Tips for Publishers
5 SEO Myths that Can Seriously Hurt Your Search Rankings
The Importance of SEO Training for Editorial Teams
MultiBrief: How to measure social media ROI
5 Rules for Publishing Accessible Content
Why Content Marketing is the New SEO

16 out of 20 posts I just scanned have the word "Trump" in the headline. and you wondered why he won on half the money that Hillary spent? Hillary and social media did his advertising for him!

Well, you'd never suspect, but #Amazon Web Services is now in the Penis #Enlargement business! As spam trackers at and, we're tracking a new #spam attack hitting just this morning, leading to a penis enlargement site -- what we learn is that it's hosted by -- except Amazon refuses spam / cybercrime reports! You would too, I guess if you were making so much money. And the spam is emanating from by #Cloudflare A good question might be : "Who's watching the shop at Amazon?" #Amazonaws ????????
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