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What forest? What trees?
What forest? What trees?

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Good thing I still have my sextant. Of course, you also need an accurate time source, for which we're also dependent on satellites.

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The Armenian massacres: Was it genocide?

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If you're attending CHI 2015 in Seoul next week, you will want the mobile app. It keeps getting better!

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Join me and EFF and thousands of others in opposing surveillance.

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My day job involves documenting some of the IBM Smarter Cities products. The information I produce goes into both the product, and into an information center. That is, until now.  Now, there's IBM Knowledge Center.

What is IBM Knowledge Center?
IBM Knowledge Center gathers all IBM product information into one easy-to-access place. IBM Knowledge Center provides an improved search experience that supports saving your searches for future use, and capturing personalized collections of just the information you need.

Search across the whole library, or limit your search to the products and versions you care about.
Use filters to narrow your search results.
Apply multiple search filters to get specific results for what you need.
More of what you need and less of what you don’t need.

Once you have the search results, you can assemble those topics and not lose them.
Collect your favorite topics (like collecting your favorite shells, pins, or stamps).
Get more bang for your buck by putting single topics in your collections – skip all the navigation. Saving single topics allows for easier retrieval at a later time.
Organize just the topics you need for viewing and printing.
Build custom PDFs that are tailored for your needs, with only the topics that you are interested in.

Put the power of information to work for you. Try IBM Knowledge Center today at  Still in open beta. . .

There are only a handful of OTA digital broadcast stations in my area (Santa Cruz, CA): the basic networks + PBS, and a few Spanish-language stations. I decided to rig an antenna to pull them in, but didn't want to spend a lot of money without knowing how good reception might be.

I picked up a Mohu Leaf for about $28. After a little repositioning, the Mohu pulls in the stations I expected with quality better than I expected. No point in upgrading, as it can't get much better. I'm quite happy with the Mohu, at a cost that's a fraction of one month's cable TV.

Color me a happy Cord Cutter!

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Creation/creativity grows from chaos. Unless the government gets involved.
“Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche #buddhism

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I like my Kindle. I like my Kindle Fire. But I also like physical books, which is why I have boxes and boxes of them crowding my tiny living room. I might let all of my music and video go digital, but not my books.
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