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Human, just like you
Human, just like you


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A sunset from 2013. Over the wing of an old-school B737, with the JT8D engines; and our large engine test cell facility in the distance.



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Getting set up to install a JT9D engine on a B747-200 freighter, a few years ago.

The mechanic on top of the engine, is installing the alignment pins on the aft mount.

Just when I thought we would never again be doing this particular task; a customer has bought a couple more of our old classic 747's. So sometime in the coming months, we will be back doing this again. (at least eight more times)


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The weight of the comprehension of a truly limitless universe

Is equal to

The breathless crushing of that infinite stack of books that you will never get to read

Sitting right square upon your chest
Crushing the cage
Squeezing the heart
Pressing the lungs

When that is coupled with a narrowing of vision
(Real or imagined)
And a flat-on-your back because nothing matters attitude

It might be time to re-up the prescription for Zoloft

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When I remember certain things
I am transported to that moment

It's like I've dressed up in the skin of a monster
With no control over my limbs
Words that I don't want to utter
Come tumbling from my lips

I close my eyes tightly
I wish those times away

"It was a long time ago
You are not that person anymore
It doesn't matter
Don't look back"

Is a mantra I may utter
To try and keep these things at bay
Though it doesn't help very much
And I have to say it several times a day

I see a kind of faraway
Haunted look in someone's eyes

Like their minds are leading them somewhere too
Somewhere secret
Somewhere full of rage and shame

And maybe it should make me feel better that I'm not the only one

But it doesn't

As I'm still the secret monster in your midst


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The rear engine mount broke with a BANG! on my Geo Metro yesterday.

I drove it 40 miles home anyways. It was fine.

But now I can’t drive it until I get a new one in the mail via eBay. Only cost $25, but it’s the predicted one week shipping that hurts the most. Lol


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Redheaded woodpecker in my yard the other day.

They are attracted by the Ash trees in my yard, which have been killed by the invasive Emerald Ash Borer larvae.

Not many Ashe trees left in lower Michigan anymore.
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I have arrived at the Cheese Capital. This cannot be disputed, as it is right there on that water tower.

Pinconnning, Michigan.


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NASA shows why it gets so noisy when the landing gear is lowered.

I think we all knew, but hey, science.


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The Rocket dog doesn’t think much of this second hand Christmas hat.

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Noses and cheekbones. How do they work?

Aggressively inked self portrait. Blue ink on yellow card stock.

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