If this is enough for you to stop supporting the things Evil Hat does, I get it, and I support your decision. I think folks by and large have misunderstood what I was trying to do in the (since-deleted) original posts on here and twitter. 

The truth is I did fuck up.

When I was reading the thing I originally shared, it offered what I felt was a valuable perspective on what the mindset and outlook is like for the "opposition" (i.e., pro-Zak) part of the latest games-industry furor. It appears to be unpopular, but I think it's best when we remember that no matter how monstrous people appear on the Internet, there are still humans sitting there behind that wall of pixels.

What I didn't even notice — and had to be told it was there, triggering a close and slow reread until I found the issue in a place that to me was buried halfway down a long post — was that folks were being "outed". I had probably skimmed over that originally because finger-pointing and such has become such a casual default in all quarters of Internet gaming that it just doesn't register for me any more.

At the end of the day, in matters involving folks' upsettedness over D&D, there is so much anger raised on all sides that if anyone tries to take a moderate position on any part of it out loud (instead of silently), they're deemed the enemy. I've managed to get identified over the last few weeks as both an enemy of Zak and a staunch supporter of Zak. This is a little hilarious, given how clearly and plainly I've been saying that I think he's a toxic presence in gaming, and that the value he does offer is thoroughly drowned out by the bad behavior both by him and by those in support of him.

But that doesn't excuse my mistake at all. Being unaware that I was making the mistake doesn't lessen its magnitude either. 

I've said it before (despite this article claiming to the contrary), and I'll say it again (even if it's thrown back at me as it has been previously): I am very, very sorry that sharing that article caused pain. That wasn't my intention at all, but my intention carries no real value here compared to the pain of those targeted by any hate I ended up supporting as a side-effect.

I am pretty passionate about truth and transparency, and sometimes my desire to shine the maximum amount of illumination into the world ends up shedding light where things are best left shadowed. I've spent the past week sick to my stomach over this, and again, I am very sorry to have started it — or at the least, supported it — in the first place.

I can't expect or deserve forgiveness for that, of course, but I do hope that I can continue to do good things in the industry to someday earn it.

Thanks for reading.
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