+Ryan Macklin got a post going a bit back talking about Discover as a "missing" action. My immediate reaction was, mainly, "That's not missing, it's already covered." And in saying so, I'm probably missing some elements of nuance. That's OK! Not everyone is going to see the system the same way.

But, I wanted to quantify that somehow, and that meant figuring out what my instincts were telling me without showing me all the steps. So here's a diagram that does show the steps.

(These are the steps that, honestly, I am sometimes not thinking about until just before or even during the roll. By the time the dice stop rolling, I've found my way to either treating it as an Overcome or a Create Advantage. Which might cue the way for a Fate hack that turns those into the same action, tho that thoughtpath is somewhat out of scope.)

Don't get me wrong, there are things I did like about Ryan's notions for Discover. But in terms of its actual effects, as described it landed close to but not directly on top of Create Advantage's implementation — and given the amount of overlap, man, I just want something that keeps things less confusing. For me, this diagram (internalized to the point of instinct) is less confusing. I totally get that that's not going to be true for everyone, but there you go. :) 
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