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I was reading Bloomberg and ran across an article on Jet which is a new online shopping site that’s basically it’s going to compete with Amazon on price.
They will make money on membership fee (50) and then try to reduce your individual purchase to zero if possible- through rebates or discounts. Looks like a great use of big data.
It doesn't start until February but they've already started taking emails to build a potential list of users. It’s game-ified so if you use this link to go to the site and enter your email, I get credit for it.
If you would do me a favor and use the link below to give it a look and see if it’s of interest to you, I would appreciate it.

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Scooter the hipster cat

Hiya Colleen! +Colleen McDermott 

I woke up this morning to animal control telling me I have 24 hours to remove the rooster from our flock.  Apparently one of our neighbors decided he had had enough of the crowing.  And instead of coming an talking to me directly, he decided to call the city.

Soooo my question is: what can I do with Rudy the Rooster?  Anyone know of a place to dispose of our rooster?

Dear Facebook and Google,

For the foreseeable future I will be using both of your sites about equally. The problem is you both are making it very difficult to add and sync data in two places to keep the sites more or less the same.  I need some help here!

Please write some tools to make it easier for me to use both sites to share with different people and stop trying to get me to use only one of them.

Thanks for your kind consideration,

A. User.

(I know it will take time out of your high tech, high ego, fight to the death, slamming your dicks down on the table to show who's boss, to do something to that is actually helpful to your users but there ya go. We users exist still. Please pay attention to us as well.)

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For Christmas, Father's day and my birthday, Sam gave me a new PC. He did the parts selection and then assembled it and got it working for me. Sweet!!
Sam's First Build
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Is it me or does it look like everyone wearing these I/O tee shirts are sweating heavily... #io13  

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