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Fred Beckhusen (aka Ferd Frederix)


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Just pushed out V2.01 of DreamGrid (Beta 2) into the auto updater. DreamWorld code is unchanged. This is still early Beta code. It is not yet ready for production, but suitable to use on a new grid for testing.

New features:
AGPL license so it will forever be free and open source. AGPL requires that anyone who redistributes DreamWorld to provide the source code to anyone, for free.
One-click-to-start switch in Expert screen
Start on boot in background mode.
Run multiple grids on a PC
More help in Setup screens
Disable UPnP switch if your ports are manually forwarded (UPnP is slow)
Help->Database Check will set upgrade mysql, and repair mysql, opensim, and robust databases

Bug Fixes:
Nasty bug stopped regions from registering (missing a http:// in Robust)
An OAR could not be put in the first region
If Mysql failed to start, a log message caused a crash.

Pic is relevant: +Nara Malone

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Lucifer is an extremely spoiled, pompous, and gluttonous cat. He really does not like __________________.


Substance Painter, Avastar, Blender KITEH KAT NPC. KTHXBYE
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Ordered a reel of 4,000 surface mount capacitors. Got this instead. <facepalm>


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OSCC livestream is at
OSCC list of presenters is at

Next presentation is at 1PM PST

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My slides for the OSCC speech on Dreamworld and Dream Grid are online at The download link to the beta Dreamgrid link is there, too.

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Dreamgrid is here with Robust. for the early beta. Please note there are undocumented differences with Dreamworld, and the help menus are still pointing to an older version. As always, I appreciate your feedback, ideas, suggestions and bug reports.
For those of you who cannot make it, my slides for my upcoming OSCC speech on Dreamworld and Dream Grid are online at

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Scratch-built Wonder Woman avatar is (finally) in the box. Copy/Mod/Xfer CC-0 license as she is fan art.

To get her, hypergrid to, where you will appear under a large blue whale that is looking at a rabbit hole. Walk over and fall in the rabbit hole, cross the troll bridge (beware of troll, (me)), and go into the Neko shoppe where you will find her on the far wall.

There is a Combat sword HUD , too. You unbox it, and put on everything in the box. It has a HUD and a combat meter with a swords you can wear on her hip, as well as hold and fight with. There are two controls on the HUD: one to hold the sword and one to set various combat and practice modes. Press and hold the Left Mouse button down, and then use the arrow keys to fight.

Technical mumbo jumbo: She was scratch-made in Blender with Avastar and painted in Substance Painter with diffuse, specular and bump maps with baked-in lighting using Vray. Except for her skirt and hair, she is one prim, so she is one surface, like a balloon. There will be no breakouts of naughty bits through her tightly fitted outfit. Dang it.
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I want to take this moment to thank you all for all the kinds comments, bug reports, and great advice over the last year. It's been a wild ride on the shoulders of the many users, devs and other contributors to this great, free, virtual world project.

Also, a reminder that I'll be speaking tomorrow, Saturday the 9th at OSCC2017 at 3PM SL time about Dreamworld statistics, issues and solutions, and will be introducing a new DreamGrid. It will probably be a very full sim, so register now, and come early! if you cannot make it, I'll post a link to the video and to my slides and notes when they are available.

I can now confirm that DreamWorld and and DreamGrid will soon have Gloebits, too, thanks to +Christopher Colosi putting up with my endless questions. Once you generate your Oauth keys, you just copy and paste them in and it will boot up with a working economy. The settings should survive an update, too. This does not have land sales, as I do not include PHP and Apache, but you can sell items from you own grid with Gloebits.

~ Ferd/Fred
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I opened a new issue on Github on Ruth 1.8 by Ada. The foot-to-ankle vertexes have more than 1 weight, but the leg has only one, so they pull apart when you animate the foot. These vertexes in both neck and foot "rings" must have just one weight.

+Ada Radius I edited OSRuth2_02Ada1.8.blend and pushed it.
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