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Mystery Book … 

Look carefully. Does anyone recognise this book? More to the point, can anyone identify the shop displaying this book prominently on its shelves?

Answers in the comments please.
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+Joe Decker Hmm, yes, and no. Yes, in that I assume it probably is wikipedia content. No, in that I doubt you can, or would want to, buy this particular book. Look at the left hand page, it's identical to the right hand page. In fact, every page in the book contains the same text.
Ha!  I'd missed the "same on every page." part!

There are companies such as Books LLC make a fair bit of money reselling printed Wikipedia content nonetheless....  obviously your pic is of a prop, not one of their books.
(As for how I knew it was WP content, well, the [edit] before "Early Life" was a big hint.)
Dear Google, How can I tag this post so that when +Fraser Smith   posts the answer, I'll see it?
+David Bennett Just for you, the answer is, Ikea. We were there yesterday and just out of curiosity, I pulled some books off the bookshelves in one of their mock apartment displays. The books were all nicely bound hardbacks with quality paper and Swedish titles. Every book that I checked, regardless of size and title,  contained the same text as shown above.
+Joe Decker :-) It's a testament to Ikea's attention to detail that they don't just print up some cardboard boxes with book spines and place those on the shelves.
+Fraser Smith you have revealed something I've always been intrigued by!! I can tell you the number of times I have wanted to pull a book of their shelves to take a look, to see if it is a proper book..... similar temptation happens when exploring a National Trust house!
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