Interesting, in a Creepy Sort of Way

A few months ago, I was invited to Pinterest. I joined at that time and found it quite interesting, until I discovered the terms and conditions that Pinterest was applying at that time. I specifically didn't like the bit where they claimed the right to 'sell' my content. I 'deleted' my account and was quite vociferous in warning other photographers about the risks.

Not long after, Pinterest did the smart thing and changed its terms and conditions for the better.

I tried to sign up but got no invite, I tried again but got no invite. I tried again. No invite.

Finally, I started to wonder, am I on some kind of blacklist for being so critical of the site? So, I requested an invite using a different email address. Less than 24 hours later, I had an invite.

You might think that this confirms my suspicions. I did at first. Until I went through the sign-up process. My username of choice, was already in use. My email address of choice was already in use.

Didn't I completely delete my original account? According to Pinterest and me at the time, yes I did. According to Pinterest today, apparently I didn't.

I wonder what I have to do to reclaim my account…

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