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If you've got some time today, we're recording Astronomy Cast live. :-)
It's time for another live episode of Astronomy Cast, hosted by +Fraser Cain and +Pamela Gay. Join us as we record Episode 288 live, and then stick around to get your questions answered by the hosts and other special guests.


Episode 288 - Phases of Matter
As we quickly learn with water, matter can be in distinct phases: solid, liquid, gas and plasma; it all depends on temperature. But why do different materials require different temperatures? And what's actually happening to the atoms themselves as the material switches phases? 

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you guy u a so amaizing
Oh HELLZ ya! I've been wanting to hear a cast about this forever! I love this topic! Actually, I thought you had already done one? I'm gonna have lots of questions... I'll try and keep it to the top 3. lol!
On g+ events, if you add them to your calendar, it will already be there on your correct local time.
There doesn't seem to be a time zone mentioned in the invitation.  Adding to a calendar seems like a lot of work to recover information which should be prominently displayed and instantly apparent.
+Richard Reich It should show you your local timezone. For me it says 12:00, which is PST. What are you seeing?
It's showing 12 PST for me as well, which is not my timezone. Not sure why it didn't get it right, it used to work.

Anyway, I just clicked on "Yes" then on "check calendar" and it shows my local time.
+Fraser Cain 12:00 also.  I'm PST too.  Time should NEVER be displayed without an explicit timezone or a readily apparent reference to a location which makes the timezone clear.  (Certainly not your fault, Fraser, I'm bitching hopelessly at Google.)
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