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Okay, this is very cool. Pamela, immortalized in a web comic - bonked on the head for getting mesmerized by the awesomeness of space.
<incoherent squee> OMG This is the most awesome thing to land in my morning web cruising! Squee! I (not quite) died in a webcomic! </incoherent squee>
Did you go out and see the super moon? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Are you proud of yourself? What? No, I'm not bitter.
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Takes too long to execute the joke(which isn't actually well written), and the characters don't have believably distinct voices at all. Or are we just saying it's good because it directly references someone and is free to read?
The same could be said of Future Kings, it hasn't reached the execution of its joke yet and its been going on for ages. As for the writing, it's painfully cliché riddled and...

Oh wait, I am not supposed to feed the troll? Sorry.. I'll shut up then.
Trolling indicates saying things for no reason other than to be negative, which isn't remotely close to what I do. I understand though, that people with your level of intelligence can't tell the difference.
Hehe, look who can't take his own medicine. Chill bro, I am just jesting. Why not just take the comic for what it is instead of poking holes in it? It was just a quaint comment on the hype "Super Moon" has been getting lately. Be a big man and take my jesting for nothing more then a harmless remark and we can let this slide, both ways. ;)

No need for all of this negativity. The internet has enough of it. As we say in Norway: "Er du med på leken må du tåle steken." which probably doesn't make any sense even if google translated. ^^
Oh, and for your future reference, a troll on the internet is a person trying to provoke a discussion. Often not intending the discussion to be anything else than a flamewar without any constructive merit other than to bolster his own ego.
"..Often not intending the discussion to be anything else than a flamewar without any constructive merit" is virtually identical to what I already said. I have no idea what your point is.
I know you don't. ^^

No man, I'm just kidding. My point is simple: stop being negative if you don't want the same kind of negativity thrown your own way. As I said, just take the comic for what it was, no need to poke holes in it, how do really think it makes you look?

You probably don't care what I am saying anyway, since you seem to think you are in an argument, but heck, if anything, your comment made me read a couple of pages of your comic, if that's worth anything to you.
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