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This is exactly how we felt.
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You and all of us who watched it live via Twitter / FB / G+...};-)
The other version has a different caption!
Thanks so much for the coverage to you and all the other participants. It was AMAZING!!!!
Yeah, gotta say, the "FUCK YEAH SCIENCE!!!" tagline was a tad bit better. Though both are certainly true. :)
Congratulations to our American friends with this fantastic achievement! Thank you for promoting Science!
This is a true global human achievement I am so glad to witness ... the entire world should be proud ... we have a bright future!
Congrats to NASA and to you Fraser thank you very much, this is my Apollo Moon landing.
Totally awesome - I'ts been a while since I felt like this :))
what would Gene Kranz think?
Wow. That high five looks like it could have put someone in the hospital.
Great job to you and your guests on your hangout tonight!
A job well done.
The "skycrane" concept that NASA used for Curiosity is like something right out of a science fiction book.
Amazing concept , and now amazing execution. It ACTUALLY WORKED !!  This mission had way too many variables , ropes and rockets which HAD to work without any "bugs". But they pulled it off.
I can't wait for the descent video. Would be something awesome.
all space enthusiasts have the same feeling
Super happy news to wake to this morning. I was a bit annoyed the news wasn't covering it last night. 
+Chuck Wilson Fraser is a man of science.  Walter Cronkite, as much as  I respected him, was not.  +Fraser Cain even with some technical problems, had a night beyond Walter Cronkite's wildest dreams last night.  (And yes, that includes Apollo 11)  Fraser, and others like him proved that they could provide much much more than what the networks spoon fed coverage ever could.  They demonstrated the power of G+ and the power of Hangouts.
I wish I could jump so high. Is he planning on going to mars or what? ;) Keep that spirit man and the good work ;)
Blimey, he must be fit, +Fraser Cain  . By my maths he's been jumping up and down like that for close on 12 hours :-)
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