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I'm visiting Vancouver for a few days. I'm not actually at City Hall, but I couldn't figure out how to check into the city in general. Anyway, I'm here.
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Enjoy the madness that is my regional district and general work place
Enjoy yourself in my hometown! Hope the weather is good for you. Vancouver is beautiful but days of endless rain from November to April can get on any visitor's nerves.
+Robert Fong I live on Vancouver Island, so the weather here's an improvement. :-)  Actually I grew up in Vancouver.
Happy 2013 Fraser! Enjoy the cold weather.
I've stopped using books or paper maps when travelling through unknown territory,  I've been using GPS on  Googles Maps on 3G SIM card services but Google Maps has a downloadable service for the map now.  On 3G is better because you can immediately open web links relative to wherever you are and is quite cheap generally.   If you want to save a bit, downloading  and using that in combination with GPS is quite a useful  option.  GPS on the phone works quite well on the pavement surrounded by quite tall buildings, just separate yourself from them a bit.
Today we have a beautiful day!!  Enjoy it and I hope you have a wonderful New year Fraser...
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