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Insane Christmas Lights in Port Coquitlam, BC

I've never seen a Christmas display as densely lit as this. Every single square foot of space on the house and front yard was lit.

This was a cool chance to experiment with the panoramic mode for my Nexus 4.
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+Fraser, I have not used any 360-degree feature. How did you take this? Is it a DSLR or Android phone w/ photo app? I know Android 4.1.1 added a new capability. Please explain whatever it is you used here, and how the stitching together is done seamlessly. Thanks!
It's a feature on the Nexus 4. Panoramic mode
Right, but can you tell me what you have to do? The phone doesn't turn itself 360 degrees. I was asking. more or less, how are you prompted to move, or turn the lens, left, left left, or right, right, right, and up, down, etc in order to have the spectrum of images needed to be stitched together by the software?
+Richard Hoefer When you start the picture, it gives you targets to orient the phone. You have to move it to each location and give it a second to add the data. 
Thanks very much +Fraser Cain ! That's really cool, can't wait to see that made avail to non-Nexus4 Jelly Bean phones.
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