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me hung out with 7 people. #hangoutsonairGary Gonnella, Mitchell Duke, Scott Lewis, Chris Ridgway, Howard Maculsay, Pamela Gay, and Mark Behrendt
Virtual Star Party - June 17, 2012
Fraser Cain and 7 others participated
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One of you is making a very loud clicking noise. What is that?
I really wish fore darker sky. but I live in Scandinavia and its bright nights. bit annoying.
Any chance of getting Dr. Porco to join a star party, if you haven't already?
Lucky it was only the finder that was melted, and not someone inadvertantly looking past it...
It's a shame that is too late in my country I must go to the bed soon... Monday, work... :(
absolutely amazing stuff.
love the paper plate example :)
Thanks Scott for the feedback. (Previous comment was response to Fraser's audio comment - bad timing made that seem like I was replying to you!)
Is there a way to refresh the G+ comments without completely reloading the page?
And Venus is in crescent phase too - clearly visible through the Dob. Will try a photo tomorrow.
Is it possible to see the pillars of creation and talk about it?
so is it just kind of hollowed out in the middle?
Thanks heaps folks. Great sneaky listening in while tapping away at work... Shh - don't tell anyone!
Really amazing! But must wake up early, again thanks for all guys! (Tomorrow some @Iceinvestigator! )
I was thinking in the same problem, specially when Google+ become a little

Anyway, amazing view guys, thanks for all. To bed now, must wake up early.
Thanks for all the great questions and comments, everyone! We'll see you next week for another fantastic Virtual Star Party!
Wish these were a bit earlier, so that those of us in Europe could join. The first couple were good fun.
They will be in the winter. Or if we can get more European astronomers.
tim hem
Theres quite an active UK astro imaging community website that i could post a plug for virtual star parties on- i just didnt think the time zone thing would work out too well.
+tim hem if you know of people out there who would like to participate in future virtual star parties, please put them in contact with me. If I get a large enough group of people in different time zones who have the capability and willingness to do a virtual star party on G+, it'd be much easier to accommodate different times. :)
+Scott Lewis It's a shame what I doen't have a telescope... I bet what there has to exist a lost of good views from Argentina :(
+Scott Lewis,should I write a post in the finnish astro forum called located here ?There might be some other people in Finland besides me that would like to participate in the hangouts.I could use some of the text that you posted some time ago.
+Jukka Laakso that would be fantastic. I'll contact you when I get home from the lab. Thanks!
+Hugo Durantini Luca it's never too late to start getting into astronomy! I recommend looking for a local Astronomy club or group in your area!
+Scott Lewis Good idea, I will look in that but I never heard of something like that in my city. The observatory is pretty far from my house, I will plan a trip to there in the near future to see what can find.
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