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Hi guys. Im all set up here in the uk but it has clouded over. If it clears ill pop in. Imaging with a 12 inch reflector
Siriusly, if I weren't sucking up all my CPE power stacking images of Venus with Jupiter in Taurus, I'd be here.  Have fun!  Post images!
Shocking weather. First time I have set up for weeks and it clouds over within 15 min.
Jo Plus
Sorry. I was just cut out. Bad timing 'cause now, I don't think I'll ever get in!! :(
And I have a live view of a night sky at the moment :)
Sorry, guys--at least on my end, things were really crappy.  I'm about 1/2 way through the stack, so I'll see if anyone's around in another hour or two.
Trying to stream a live hangout on my new android phone but keep getting disconnected. 12pm here might be a sign to go bed. Sun looked great tho.

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