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Day 14 of the 30-Day Google+ Communities Challenge

The Space community is continuing to impress and amaze me at what high quality, blog worthy material is getting posted every day. Enough to fuel the engines of Universe Today for many days, certainly.

Yesterday +Paul Stewart warned that there would be beautiful photos of a solar prominence. I asked Paul to take it to the next level and he did a fantastic job - beyond my expectations, and in colour!

So, this turned into another post on Universe Today. 4 cool story ideas in as many days. If you're a journalist, I highly recommend you participate in communities and discover all the amazing stories going on all around you.

I'm taking the 30-Day Google+ Communities challenge, spending most of my time in G+ Communities. Join me
Another hit from the Space Community

Another wonderful example of the Space community coming together. +Paul Stewart posted a warning that his productivity was shot because of an amazing prominence on the Sun. I demanded a video version of his stunning photograph, to see the whole thing animated, and Paul was only too happy to provide.

And so, I posted more details about this on Universe Today, which goes out to 4 million people a month.

Keep on sharing. :-)
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Amazing that 'anyone' can get images like this with an 8cm aperture telescope, the right camera, and a bit (lot) of practise.
:O wow!!!! 
Fantastc, congratulations Paul Stewart!
Very cool!

(First world problem: It is harder to reshare your awesome summaries because you are resharing other posts. :))
So cool.  Any estimate on it's size?
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