Day 25 of the 30-Day Communities Challenge

Not a lot to report. As you might have noticed I posted the final edition of the Super Science Circle.

Now that Communities are here, like-minded people have an easy way to discover each other. Yay! It was wonderful to be able to facilitate all those communications and relationships, but now I can let a computer do it, and I can focus my time on other things.

The Space community has reached 95,000 members and has a tremendous amount of engagement. Many posts will get more than 100 +1s, and that's not going to the What's Hot. It allows anyone to post there and essentially get the same kind of response that someone on the Suggested Users List would get.

Obviously, this kind of audience has attracted the spammers in full force, and kept the moderation team very busy. A big thanks to +Ciro Villa , +Jason Major , +Jens Riggelsen , +Christopher Cooke , +Nancy Atkinson , +Scott Lewis , +Pamela Gay and +Thad Szabo 
On 02.01.2013 I posted an image here took in Ha. This is the color version, I added SII and OIII signals. The set-up was the same, Equinox 80 and Atik314 L+. The color processing was mad by a friend of mine, my version was to reddish.
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