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Day 25 of the 30-Day Communities Challenge

Not a lot to report. As you might have noticed I posted the final edition of the Super Science Circle.

Now that Communities are here, like-minded people have an easy way to discover each other. Yay! It was wonderful to be able to facilitate all those communications and relationships, but now I can let a computer do it, and I can focus my time on other things.

The Space community has reached 95,000 members and has a tremendous amount of engagement. Many posts will get more than 100 +1s, and that's not going to the What's Hot. It allows anyone to post there and essentially get the same kind of response that someone on the Suggested Users List would get.

Obviously, this kind of audience has attracted the spammers in full force, and kept the moderation team very busy. A big thanks to +Ciro Villa , +Jason Major , +Jens Riggelsen , +Christopher Cooke , +Nancy Atkinson , +Scott Lewis , +Pamela Gay and +Thad Szabo 
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+Fraser Cain I need to look around a bit more on the Space community.  Would love to see what kinds of posts are getting hundreds of +1's. 
+Fraser Cain - I saw that.  Pretty impressive.  In the days I have time to drop in on the space community I've seen some good quality posts.  
great work guys, a thriving community which is only continuing to grow
My last post of M45 got 100 +1's in the space community. I notice some items get a lot and others seem to do better in my public stream. 
+Mike Rector Yeah, if a post breaks out, it seems to get 100ish right now. I think it depends on whether it's a duplicate post. So, if you post in your public stream and then again into the Community, G+ sees that as a duplicate and so doesn't allow it into the streams of Community members. But I'm just speculating.
+Fraser Cain I have seen a few make it in my stream with 20 or less plus ones. Usually they are all in the 50 or more range though. I try to stay away from duplicate posting; if I post in the community I don't post to public stream, and if I post to the public stream then I don't post to the community. Well known deep space objects, the Moon, and planets seem to get the best response in the space community. Those small dim open clusters seem to almost be overlooked by most people. Either that or they're just not that we'll received. 
very nice -thanks a whole bunch-Fraser Cain.
I'd like to add that there's been a phenomenal group of posters whom, when moderated, reply kindly to the moderation team, fix their posts to be what's best for the entire community. 

It's growing from a firehose of random quasi-space related posts to some really well-thought-out content that's being shared among fellow space fans. Keep it up everyone!
+Scott Lewis and +Fraser Cain, you guys in the space community do a fantastic job, I belong to several communities and it is bedlam out there! I really feel for the moderators because I see their posts and know they are trying really hard but I have to be honest the results in many communities is disappointing.
I have a the same photo on the front door of my house.  Except yours is better.
The horsehead always did fascinate me ..... hwever till now I didn't manage such beautiful pics , this one is great , well done !!!
the galaxy spacial i like it!!
I'm interested in hearing how much time gets spent on moderation?
It was a lot at the beginning, but now the initial rush has settled down and it's not so bad. are u doing
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