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Geminid Meteor Shower Timelapse

Did you catch the Geminid meteors this year? Here's a really great timelapse by Kenneth Brandon showing the meteors above Big Sur. He uses a couple of different effects in the timelapse to show how many meteors stream through the scene. I also like how you can see the cars streaming down Highway 1.
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Looks great ! I was doing the same with just a thunderstorm , made images with a Canon EOS550D , remote interval shooting , but the "movie" was not , how can I explain , "fluently" . I have to find out what framerate would be the best , and the resolution and how adding all to a nice movie ( or : which program would be the most suitable ) 
If you don't press play, in the freezed frame, looks like an outline of a person.
indeed : opening the shutter for a longer time and with the camera on a fixed tripod , no tracking . The rotation of the earth makes the startrials visible . I don't know why the stars are a bit "thicker" , maybe he refocussed during exposure ?
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