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Day 27 of the 30-Day Communities Challenge

+Mike Phillips demonstrates the awesome power of his home-built telescope, and mad skills with the stacking software.

So here are a bunch of questions. Do we post public and then share into communities. Do we share into multiple communities? All the communities? When does that behavior shift from news to spam?

Do we go the other way? Do we post into communities, and then repost into our public streams?

I suspect people are going to be arguing about this for years.
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I post only photos and occasionally a video that is on topic on the community and it automatically shares as well on my personal stream.

Sadly as with forums you will get allot of double posting and dupli posting but that comes with the territory. I imagine most people just give the community stream a glance like one would do with twitter and then move on. No matter what though I have to say I'm loving the communities. 
For me it's easier to post first to my public stream, and then to communities from there. 
I post in communities and then (somtimes) to public. So that others see the community and can join if they are interested.
There should be a way to expand/change the circulation of a post retroactively. Consider it a piece of information that has a defined visibility (circulation) that is a function of time affected by our decisions to share. 
+Fraser Cain That is the question. I cant say I understand. Are you posting into communities then posting into public stream then seeing which gets more interaction? Double posting as a way to get the most out of both is an arduous task...
There should be a tickbox or option to share the public community post automatically into public.
What about being able to share your post publicly and to one and only one community?
Google+ is not exactly Usenet so I would rethink some of the rules that used to apply there. Usenet groups were more hierarchical and public by nature. Google+ communities can be private, public, or something in between. It's up to each community to decide what content they want there. On our personal streams we can have whatever we like. People are free to choose whom and which communities to follow. Of course systematically spreading the same post to every possible community is wrong, but what's wrong about sharing the same post to a few communities, which you honestly think would be interested in seeing it? Of course it's best to decide in advance and share to all of those at one go.
Why isn't it possibly to share with a Community the same way we can share with multiple Circles?  If G+ treated Communities like Circles, wouldn't it then be trivial to post to both when you want, and not worry about it?
I always have the same problem ..... were to post ?  In the space community , astro imaging , and at the same time take care of my own website . Does it make google+ more interesting if I post images just right in the "public" sector or is it better to post in the images tab ? The last maybe makes more sense : more people with the same interest will see the results and the chance to get a useful feedback is  greater . The + button , I tried to avoid most of the time , that option is also on facebook : the famous "I like"  button ..... quit useless . 
I've been posting my photos to the Astrophotography community--mostly to get technical advice, but I can post them into the Space community also.  I wanted to avoid multiple posts to different communities.  +Fraser Cain what would you like?
Spammers would love to post to multiple communities, hence the slightly too tight restriction.
+Colin Wernham  But it creates more spam when they are forced to post it separately to more communities. If they could post it once for all and it would be displayed such that every recipient only gets the message once in their stream, even if it was posted to multiple communities that they follow... something like that should work.
I think if google implemented sharing to multiple communities with one click, it would encourage mass spam. I also think it's seems a bit spammy to post to multiple communities, the reason is the posts which i see people posting to multiple communities are really just link posts. 
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